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Review Time: Your Zooki Vitamin C (Liposomal)

I freakin' love a good morning orange.

It's zesty, fresh and jucy. Just does something to my mood. Especially in the summer - an orange, coffee and balcony is my jam. Just makes my day glow.

In the winter my reason for eating an orange is to make sure I don't always get the sniffles that I am always prone to. I am always the first to get whatever is coming around the office, and the last to recover. It is brutal.

My orange was my saviour; until I learned more about supplements - particularly - liposomal supplements. Even more specific: Your Zooki's Liposomal Vitamin C.

Who are Your Zooki?

What started as a small innovative Omega 3 supplement start-up in the North West, is now one of the biggest global supplement brands. They are sold within 33 countries worldwide and have been featured in Forbes, GQ, ELLE, and The Times.

I personally found them in Holland & Barrett, but you can find them in supermarkets, health shops and online.

What I love about the company is the quirky design, the ease and innovative daily sachet system and the attention to detail in every aspect of the brand. It is fun and I genuinely look forward to my Zooki most mornings.


Your Zooki Vitamin C Review

The reason I wanted to write about your Zooki is that I love them. I really do. The Vitamin C hasn't yet replaced my Summer Orange, but during the winter when it is cold, miserable and wet I much prefer something warm that sticks to my bones. Annoyingly porridge doesn't contain vitamin C.

Your Zooki vitamin C comes in a box with a bunch of single-serve sachets which contain a gel/ thick flavoured liquid that you can eat right out of the packet or put onto food. The idea was to completely replace capsules from the daily routine of millions and offer a better alternative.

I have tried both the watermelon and Citrus flavours and I can say that both are decent - a little synthetic - but overall good. I didn't expect it to taste 100% like Orange and it tastes a million times better than one of the supermarket effervescent tablets.

The thing I found most interesting about the Your Zooki Vitamin C is the fact that they use Liposomal Technology. They call theirs: Lipo-Sheld.

I found that using these sachets every day made a huge difference to the way I felt during the cold, wet miserable winter days. Even when I felt a cold coming on I felt good and had a lot more energy. I used to cram as many tablets into a bottle as I could stomach, but one sachet does the job.

Overall, very very happy with the Your Zooki Vitamin C>


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