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You need to try the Enriched Eggs from Waitrose

Enriched Eggs

Published by Finn Hayden

If there's one place to head to for a great selection of eggs, it's got to be Waitrose. Over the years we've spotted everything from quails eggs to blue eggs in our local Waitrose, and even the standard free range eggs from Waitrose are described as being from 'blacktail hens'. Very fancy.

But it's the Enriched Eggs from the Waitrose egg section that we've been loving recently. Not only are these eggs super tasty, but they're also packed with extra goodness. And it's not like the extra goodness has been injected into the eggs or anything like that - the reason these eggs are so packed with extra vitamin and mineral goodness is because the hens that lay the eggs are fed using a "super feed" which is enriched with additional vitamins and minerals.

And as is often the case in Waitrose, we were able to snag these for cheaper thanks to the yellow reduced sticker that somebody kindly slapped on the box. £1.75 for 6 medium eggs might be pricey for 'normal' free range eggs, but for these eggs it feels like a total steal.


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