Why we love our Ooni Fyra 12 pizza oven (our full review)

Published by Finn Hayden

There are so many products out there which people buy with the intention of using regularly, but which never get used. We thought our Ooni pizza oven might be end up being a product like this, but it hasn't been the case.

We can say that since buying an Ooni Fyra 12, we really feel like it has added value to our lives. We use it a lot and rarely order takeaway pizza now because it's cheaper and more fun to make it at home.

Although there are lots of great Ooni alternatives out there, we wanted to publish a guide about the Fyra 12 Ooni pizza oven just to show you how much we love it. Let's get into it:


Something which really shocked us when we first received our Ooni Fyra 12 was how small it was - hopefully, this photo demonstrates that the Ooni oven is very small and really doesn’t take up much room at all. The Fyra 12 also only weighs 10kg, so it's really easy to move around. It's also only 11 and a half inches high and just under 23 inches long, so really doesn't take up much room.

Ooni Fyra 12


Something else we love about the Ooni is that we can just leave it outside and it'll be fine in any weather - here in the UK, the weather can switch from lovely sunshine to heavy rain in a heartbeat, so it's nice to know that we can just leave the Ooni outside during this weather and it won't be affected. The Fyra 12 Ooni has an insulated, powder-coated carbon steel shell which can withstand battering and feels very sturdy.

Ooni pizza oven


We paid £299 for our Ooni oven - this might seem like quite a lot to pay for a pizza oven, but if you enjoy eating pizza regularly then it is well worth the money. A 12" pizza from Domino's could cost you more than £15, whereas you could easily make a 12" Margherita pizza at home using the Ooni for less than £2, including the price of the ingredients and the cost of the energy used. If you're saving more than £10 per pizza that you make with the Ooni versus a pizza that you order, then the Ooni pays for itself after you've made 30 pizzas. And for anyone arguing that a takeaway is worth paying for because it'll be faster than using the Ooni, the Fyra can reach 500 °C in just 15 minutes, meaning you can cook a pizza in just a few minutes.

You get a 1 year warranty with the Ooni as standard, but if you register your Ooni via then you can get the warranty extended to 5 years.

What are the Ooni oven accessories like?

We ordered our Ooni Fyra 12 with this excellent pizza peel - you could use an Ooni without a pizza peel, but it would be quite difficult to get the pizza in and out of the Ooni without a similar piece of equipment. This pizza peel is specifically designed to fit comfortably inside the Fyra 12, making it ideal for getting the pizza in and out of the oven.

Ooni pizza peel

You can also order a bag of premium hardwood pellets with your Ooni oven (pictured) - you could buy pellets from elsewhere, but the hardwood pellets from Ooni are specifically designed to work with an Ooni oven. They’re made from 100% oak and they’re food grade which means they’re totally safe and hygienic to use in your Ooni, as you’d expect. The chimney cover which comes with the Fyra 12 also doubles as a pellet scooper, so you can get the pellets into the oven safely and effectively.

Ooni hardwood pellets

Final thoughts - is it worth buying the Ooni Fyra 12 pizza oven?

So as you can see, we love our Ooni Fyra 12 and have used it a lot more than we expected to since buying it. The Fyra 12 is great to use at home, but also because it's light we also take it camping with us.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the Ooni Fyra 12, and if you have any other thoughts on the Ooni!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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