Whithorn Way – Travel from Glasgow to Whithorn along this amazing route

The Whithorn Way is a 143-mile route that travels along the westerly pilgrimage route to Whithorn from Glasgow, a route that is more than 1000 years old. The route has been designed for cycling and walking, and is split into 13 different sections. We wanted to highlight the route because it is seriously underrated and features a range of excellent things to see and do, from cathedrals and beaches.

How do you travel the route?

At 143 miles in length, you'll almost certainly want to split this route into a few different sections in order to tackle it, but luckily as we mentioned in the introduction, the route is generally considered to be split into 13 different sections. You're also lucky in that there are lots of restaurants and accommodation options along the way, so you could easily complete the route in a week and end each day with a nice warm bed. We'd recommend starting off in Glasgow, but you could jump in at any part of the route (many people like to start at the Dumfries and Galloway section).




What is there to see along the route?

There is plenty to see across the 143 miles, but here are a few highlights:



  • Cathedral
  • Govan's Stones
  • Argyll Stones


  • Paisley Abbey
  • Celtic Barochan Cross


  • Loch Semple
  • Castle Semple & Visitor Centre

North Ayshire 

  • Saint Inan's Chair
  • Kilburnie Auld Kirk
  • Dalgraven Mill
  • Eglinton Castle

South Ayrshire

  • Troon Crosbie Church
  • Bruce's Well
  • Greenan Castle

Dumfries & Galloway

  • Wells of the Rees
  • Laggangairn Stones
  • Galloway Forest Park
  • St Ninian's Cave

Specific travel information

Despite the route being long, most of the coastal and rural land is pretty easy to navigate. We do of course recommend that you dress appropriately and pack items for possible emergencies.



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If you're interested in similar routes, check out the Borders Abbey Way and the Kintyre 66.

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