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The Best Hot Sauce You Can Buy in the UK (2023 Update)

Literally. Hot sauce is the best.

If you love it then hot sauce is the source of life. It makes everything worth eating and can be a religious experience (if it is super spicey). To us, the best hot sauces are those that are spicey enough to draw a bead of sweat out, but flavourful and make the perfect addition to your food. Not the ones that ensure you can't taste for a week.

Obviously, the best hot sauce is subjective and everybody has their own tastes, but we have included a selection of hot sources that offer something for everybody. And, you may as well try them all!

So, lets get into it: out list of the best hot sauces available in the UK


Seaweed Hot Sauce

This is a super interesting hot sauce. Very strange but really enjoyable.

This hot sauce is produced in the highlands in Scotland and uses seaweed in its production. I found this bad boy in a speciality shop in London, but you can buy hot sauces online.

The seaweed gives the flavour a really lovely sweetness with an elemnet of the sea. It hightens the flavours and gives it a really unique and balanced flavour, which makes this sauce absolutely perfect with some fish.

You can check out this product and the others on their website right here:


Enona Original

Encona Original Hot Sauce is one of the best hot sauces from a brand that stocks several spectacular flavourings. Encona was introduced to the UK in 1975 and largely follows West Indian recipes.

The original recipe has a wonderful spicey flavour that has a really great Caribbean flavour. It is vinegary yet notes of cinnamon, cloves and a lovely mild spicey that doesn't blow your head off but does the job nicely!

If you fancy something different, the brand now offers a huge range of other hot sauce flavours like their famous West Indian Extra Hot Pepper Sauce and Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.

Overall, Encona Original Hot Sauce has a rich history and has become a beloved condiment for many people around the world.

You can find it in most supermarkets but it is easily available here: Amazon UK




Frank's RedHot Original

Let me get this bit out of the way; Franks is personally not my favourite but it is always worth including because it is often included as one of the most popular hot sauces in the UK.

Franks is famous for being the Hot Sauce that you get with the chicken wings from Dominoes. It is potentially the reason why so many people love it. It is a classic hot sauce with a tangy, lemony, spicey flavour that makes finger-licking essential.

The original is ok, but Franks also have an enormous amount of variety with their hot sauces and it is possible to find a BBQ wing sauce and gift sets.

Franks is available at pretty much every main supermarket across the UK and on Amazon UK. It is not my personal pick for the best hot sauce, but a worthy addition.


Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce

Now we're entering flavour sensation. All of the Kumana hot sources use Avocado as a base which gives them a very unique creamy flavour and brilliantly brings out the flavour of the chilli, without too much heat.

They offer similar hot sauces which use different chillies for unique flavours and levels of spice. Personally, I think these hot sauces are amazing for a nice spicy mayo alternative so are fantastic with chips, chicken or in a sandwich.

You can check out their website ( for all of the options, but there is a good deal where you can get all three options via Amazon UK.


Eaten Alive Scotch Bonnet

Oooh. If you love it spicey then you'll love Eaten Alive. While this just looks like regular hot sauce, there is something special about this brand. The hot sauce is fermented and has live bioactive content that gives the sauce a real tangy, funky, outrageously delicious flavour.

The scotch bonnet chillies used in the sauce a sharp heat that gets the burn going right away but settles into a nice glow and head-rush.

The sauce is made by chefs from south London, and they have a range of very interesting hot sauce flavours. They are certainly among the very, very, best hot sauces I have ever tried.

You can find more info right here on their website:


Lingham's Chilli Sauce

The East is very well known for producing some of the hot sauces you can buy in the UK. Lingham's is one of the best you can buy, why? Because it has a unique, tangy, garlicky flavour with a wonderful glow of heat.

The brand was established in 1908 in Penang, Malaysia and has been an extremely popular choice across the Uk for decades.

The great thing bout this chilli sauce is that it isn't too hot, but packed with tons of flavour and can be added to a huge range of versatile dishes. From meats to salads and even as an ingredient to spice up a curry or rice.

It is very easy to find this hot sauce in your local supermarket, and you can find it online via their website:


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