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What The Cluck Chicken review – has The Vegan Butcher created a fake chicken worth a try?


More and more people are beginning to experiment with a vegan diet. In fact, a recent study showed that there is close to 700,000 vegans in the UK, a seriously surprising statistic.

This has given rise to a number of meat alternative brands and supplements designed for Vegans. Some have been around for ages (Quorn) and some, like The Vegan Butcher, are new on the scene.

We thought we'd give the What The Cluck chicken from The Vegan Butcher a try to see if it could compete with the other vegan meat brands on the market, let's get into it:


What does the What The Cluck chicken taste like?

So first of all, taste - we're already fans of the Quorn "pieces" and also really enjoy the fake chicken from THIS isn't, so the bar was pretty high. And we have to say, we were pretty happy with how this tasted. It had the slight saltiness of real chicken and although we wouldn't eat it without seasoning, it was pretty good.

Score: 7/10

What The Cluck chicken

What is the texture like of the What The Cluck chicken?

This is where things start to go downhill, but to be honest this is a problem that all of the fake meat brands seem to struggle with. The Quorn pieces are way too soft to resemble anything close to real chicken, and even the THIS isn't stuff is a little chewy. The What The Cluck chicken was much the same, and interestingly we found the texture seem to vary from piece to piece. Some were too hard, and some seemed about right. Overall not brilliant in this regard, but then very few of the brands are.

Score: 5/10

What is the price like of the What The Cluck chicken?

We grabbed a 160g box of the What The Cluck chicken for £3.30, which isn't as expensive as real chicken but is still pretty pricey. Compared to the Quorn pieces it's really pricey - you can grab a 300g bag of the Quorn pieces for less than £2, seriously impressive. As for THIS isn't, you can buy a 500g bag of their chicken for £7.50. So compared to the other brands on the market, What The Cluck chicken is clucking expensive.

Score: 5/10



So overall, there is a lot to like here and we're delighted to have another vegan chicken brand on the market. But for the moment, we'll probably be sticking with one of the other 2 brands we mentioned in our review.

Final score: 6/10



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