What is Dispenseroo and does it show that times are changing for Cannabis in the UK?

Recently, we came across a very interesting news article about an illegal cannabis delivery company called “Dispenseroo”. They have modelled their business on the delivery service Deliveroo but sell a long list of cannabis products across the UK.

The online outlet operates on the open web, and has gained hundreds of thousands of customers through its marketing campaigns in the London underground (which hit national newspapers), TikTok and word of mouth. It is reported that Dispenseroo is trading in millions of pounds worth of drugs and continue to grow exponentially.

The story took our interest because it is clear that the times are changing, and public opinion surrounding cannabis (potentially sparked by the growth of understanding surrounding CBD products – we’ve written about the benefits of Vaping, CBD oils and CBD gummies.

The Dispenseroo website was previously found easily online but seems to now trading under the name “Dispenseree” openly on search platforms like Google.

The message from the founder, simply named “S”, is that the service was created out of frustration surrounding the “archaic” laws in the UK, which have been in place since the 1970’s. To him, and thousands of other activists and campaigners, these laws are now out of date, leaving medical cannabis patients in a dangerous grey area and unethical.

Activist “The Outlaw” is a well-known campaigner who has fought the government for many years and his funded legal campaign argues that the “UK Laws” surrounding the prohibition of drugs are “constitutionally illegal” and “cannot be legally enforced” without a review. A review of these laws is expected in the coming years.

As it stands, it is also legal to prescribe medical cannabis in the UK and to consume the prohibited substance legally with a medical “Green Card”. Many people in the UK are accessing cannabis legally to aid health conditions such as anxiety, MS and Fibromyalgia. So, why is it still illegal for casual users?

Does this mean that the writing is on the wall for cannabis and that the UK will follow Europe example and legalise THC products for sale in the UK? Regardless, there is an intense debate to be had and organisations like Dispenseroo are leading the way and slowly forcing the hand of the authorities.



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