Truro – guide for visiting Cornwall’s only city in 2022


Unlike many of the locations in Cornwall that we've written about previously such as Boscastle, Truro is a city - it's actually the only city in Cornwall. However, although you'll definitely notice that Truro has a bit more hustle and bustle compared to some of the other Cornwall locations we've written about, there is still plenty of reason to visit Truro for an enjoyable time, especially for families, and we even included the city in our guide of the best places to stay in Cornwall. This guide will outline the best things to see and do during your time in Truro, all updated for 2022. Let's get into the guide:

Where is Truro?

As we mentioned in our introduction, Truro is in Cornwall. The city is approximately 45 minutes from Penzance (via car), 30 minutes from Falmouth (via car), and about 25 minutes to Redruth (via car). It's generally a pretty easy location to get to from most other parts of Cornwall. 
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What is there to do during your time in Truro?

Truro is a great place to visit, here are some of our favourite things for you to check out:

Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral is a really beautiful building built in the Gothic Revival style. Construction on the cathedral started in 1880 and the building was completed by 1910. Truro Cathedral is often described as the first 'new' cathedral to be built in Britain since it was built so recently. Even if you don't go to visit the cathedral, you'll still see the magnificent spires soaring above the city’s skyline, which are especially impressive to look at on a clear day. Entry is free and we think it is well worth a look, learn more here -


Royal Cornwall Museum

If you want to learn about what makes Cornwall such a special place then a visit to the Royal Cornwall Museum is a must. Originally built in the 19th century, the museum has a collection of items dating back to the Stone Age, but also more modern collections too. The museum is also well known for having an extensive mineral collection, relating to Cornwall's mining and engineering heritage. But our favourite part is the permanent exhibition of ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman objects, which helps to explain the Cornish diaspora. Buy tickets and learn more here -


Boscawen Park

Alongside the Truro river, you'll find Boscawen Park, a great park for kids. There are plenty of quiet outdoor areas to explore if you're looking for peace and quiet during your time in Truro, but Boscawen Park is definitely one for kids looking for lots to do - swings, climbing equipment and more can be found there, as well as lots of room for running around. There are also sporting facilities such as tennis courts and football pitches which can be hired. Dogs can be walked here and there is even a specific dog exercise area.

Victoria Gardens

Hidden right in the city centre you'll find Victoria Gardens, an exotic break from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. With plenty of interesting trees, shrubs & flowers to admire, the gardens are great for a short walk to clear your mind. The focal point of the gardens is a Victorian bandstand, and there are also a number of interesting sculptures and memorials to check out. You'll find the gardens between the railway station and the city's centre, learn more here -


Penrose Water Gardens

If you're a fan of flora and you're looking for a place to wind down away from the city streets of Truro, Penrose Water Gardens is a great place to head to. Originally opened in 1975, the gardens have long been a favourite attraction among locals and visitors to the city alike. The gardens cover more than 6 acres and include more than 40 separate lily ponds, and you've got more than 100 varieties of plants to find and admire. The milder climate of Cornwall means you'll find plantlife and wildlife here that you'll struggle to find anywhere else in the country, and much of it can be found at Penrose Water Gardens. Learn more about visiting the gardens here -

Penrose Water Gardens

Explore the rivers

If you're a fan of walking along riverbanks then Truro is an excellent place to head to. Many rivers meet and cross paths here - River Allen, River Fal, Kenwyn, Tinney, and of course, River Truro. The river valleys form a bowl surrounding the city on the north, east and west. This ares was actually the cause of some major flooding in 1988 which caused significant damage to the city centre. A walk along the riverbanks will give you the chance to spot some interesting wildlife that you probably won't see elsewhere, especially the estuarial waters of the River Fal where wildlife can be spotted everywhere. Fal River is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cornwall and is especially excellent to visit.

Things to be aware of before visiting Truro

Like we mentioned previously, Truro is a city and it is definitely a bit more lively than some of the other locations we've written about recently. However, it's within touching distance of some very relaxing and chilled out places, so if you've got your car it is worth taking a trip elsewhere for a day or 2.

Parking in Truro (in 2022)

Parking is pretty straightforward in Truro - you've got 12 car parks to choose from. The car parks include the following -Carrick House, St Clement Street, Old Bridge Street, Edward Street, Calenick Street, Moresk, Pydar Street. Viaduct, High Cross, Lemon Quay, Fairmantle Street, Tabernacle Street, and at the Train Station.

If you're looking for the ideal place to park while you explore the town (including streets like Princes St and Boascawen Street) then Lemon Quay, Moorfield, and Old Bridge are probably your best bets.

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