Mundesley – a guide for visiting this Norfolk village in 2023


Norfolk is one of our favourite parts of the UK, and some of our most popular posts are about towns and villages in the area. Our guides about Holt, King's Lynn, and Cromer attract thousands of visitors every month to our website.

But as much as we love those towns, there is a charm to many Norfolk villages that really inspires us. Mundesley is an example of a Norfolk village which has a real old-fashioned charm to it, and given the choice we'd rather spend a holiday in Mundesley than many of the larger towns in the county.

We wanted to publish a guide about Mundesley for anyone planning to visit this village, let's get into it:

Where is Mundesley?

We should start by specifying where Mundesley actually is - the village is situated on the coast of North Norfolk. Mundesley is about 21 miles from Norwich, 8 miles from Cromer, and 18 miles from Holt.

What is there to see and do in Mundesley?

Despite being a small village, you've got quite a bit to see and do in and around Mundesley. Here are some of the highlights:

Mundesley Beach

Mundesley Beach is what we'd describe as an unspoilt beach, and definitely one of the best beaches you can visit in Norfolk. It's a real hidden gem because it's so often very quiet and peaceful. It stretches for miles and is mostly sandy with very little shingle, which makes it perfect for both walking along and sitting on. People are often struck by how clean the beach is, but that is reflective of how well the locals look after it. The beach is backed by a promenade with colourful huts which are really pretty. Learn more about the beach here -

Mundesley church

Even if you're not religious, we think Mundesley Church is worth visiting - the building sits overlooking the sea and you can enjoy very nice views from this point. But the church itself is also very interesting to visit and worth exploring both inside and outside. Originally a Norman church dating from the 14th century, much of the church had to be rebuilt in the 19th century due to damage and wear, but there are original parts of the church still intact such as the nave. The stained glass windows are beautifully designed and the grounds around the church have a peaceful charm. Learn more about the church here -

Maritime Museum

This Maritime Museum in Mundesley is tiny - in fact, it's one of the smallest museums in the entire country. But don't let that put you off visiting, as what the museum lacks in size it more than makes up for in fascinating items and information. As you'd imagine, most of the collection relates to the sea in some way. This includes displays about lifeboat exploits, shipwrecks, and the local fishing industry. There are also some very interesting maritime artefacts and a collection of locally discovered fossils.
The museum is run by volunteers and is only open from April to August, make sure to call ahead before you visit on this number - 01263 7206036

Stow mill

You'll find lots of very impressive windmills in Norfolk, such as the windmill in Weybourne that we featured in a guide recently. We'd definitely say that Stow Mill is one of the most impressive windmills that you'll find in the county - built in the early 19th century, it was originally used as a flour mill. It's now a holiday let, and a really impressive one too - the interior of the mill feels really untouched and the new owners of the mill have done an excellent job of restoring the mill to make it safe without losing what makes it special. Learn more here -

What else can you visit in the area?

There are lots of interesting locations around the village of Mundesley which are worth visiting if you have the time. The Happisburgh Lighthouse is about 8 miles away from the village and is the oldest working lighthouse on the Norfolk Coast. It's very special to see up close, and if you head there on an Open Day you can actually get inside the lighthouse which is quite an amazing experience. Being on the coast, Mundesley is also close to a number of great beaches, including Trimingham Beach to the North and Walcott Beach to the South. The surrounding villages such as Walcott, Trunch, and Knapton are also lovely to visit.
Hopefully, this guide has inspired you to visit this brilliant Norfolk village. As we mentioned in our introduction, we also have guides about Norfolk towns such as King's Lynn and Holt. If you want to follow a route which takes you through some of the best parts of Norfolk, we have a guide to the Marriott's Way cycling route.

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