Kingsbridge – guide for visiting this lovely town in 2023

If your idea of the perfect getaway involves a lot of walking, then you can't do much better than Kingsbridge. You've got easy access to a number of beaches and access to the South West Coast Path from the town, and you won't run out of walking routes in a hurry. But there are also plenty of other reasons to visit Kingsbridge, which is why we wanted to create a guide about the town. We'll be highlighting the best things to see and do, all updated for 2023. Let's get into the guide:

Where is Kingsbridge?

Firstly, it probably helps to know where Kingsbridge actually is. Kingsbridge is found in the South Hams district of Devon, at the northern end of the Kingsbridge Estuary. The town isn't far from Plymouth (45 mins by car) and Dartmouth (30 mins by car) and can be reached via the A379 road. Closer by are Salcombe (15 mins by car) and Totnes (25 mins by car), both of which can be reached via the A381. 
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What is there to do during your time in Kingsbridge?

It's worth keeping in mind that Kingsbridge is quite small so although there are things to do, it's quite limited. However, there is lots to see and do around the town if you're willing to travel a bit, so we'll be including a mix of options for you to see and do. Let's get into it:

Walking routes

We've mentioned it already - Kingsbridge is a paradise for walking enthusiasts. Situated near the South West Coast Path and the South Devon AONB, the town has no shortage of routes to explore, but if you're limited on time then there are definitely a few which are especially worth exploring, including the ancient route between Modbury and Kingsbridge. If you don't fancy a long walk then the countryside surrounding Kingsbridge is excellent for a relaxing stroll.


Kingsbridge doesn't really have a beach, but there are a number of beaches nearby which are all worth visiting, including Slapton, Salcombe, and East Portlemouth. We're also big fans of Bantham, and a little further afield you'll find Beesands Beach. Kingsbridge is actually an excellent place to base yourself if you're looking to explore some of the best beaches in Devon (and the whole UK), as you're only a few miles away from almost all of the best beaches in the area.




Old Town Hall & clock

If you're a fan of cool cinemas then the Old Town Hall in Kingsbridge is worth a look - it's home to the 'Reel Cinema', which has 3 screens and usually has a good rotation of classics and new releases. However, there is another (slightly stranger) reason to visit the town hall. The clock on top is pretty cool looking and interestingly, only has 3 faces. It's not really known for sure why this is the case but the local explanation is that the fourth face would have pointed towards the town's jail so wasn't included to stop the prisoners from seeing the time. Whether or not that story is true, the clock is still fascinating to look at.



Before we recommend the shops in Kingsbridge, it's worth knowing that the walk up to the high street is quite steep. But once you've made the small climb, it is totally worth it. If shopping is your thing then Kingsbridge is a great place to head to. There is a great mix of independent shops there - some of our favourites include Red Propeller Gallery, The Trading Post, and The Harbour Bookshop.

You've also got a great selection of antique shops making it a haven for salvage hunters. The place to head to is Fore Street.


Kingsbridge Quay

After some shopping, you can't do much better than sitting at the Quayside on one of the benches, especially if the sun is out. During the summer months expect to see people jumping in the water and plenty of boats. If crabbing is your thing then the Quay is an excellent place for that activity.


Kingsbridge Cookworthy Museum

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for place is to visit a local museum, and we think the Kingsbridge Cookworthy Museum is one of the best local museums in the country. Based in an old grammar school, the museum is packed with local history and a visit here will really add to your experience as you walk around the town. Learn more about the museum here -

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Squeezebelly Lane

This is a bit of a fun one and not an absolute must-see, but we think it is definitely worth a photo! Squeezebelly Lane is actually one of the narrowest public thoroughfares in the UK, so maybe one to skip if you get claustrophobic.


Things to be aware of before visiting Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge is a lovely little place and there are some great things to see and do, but you've probably garnered from our guide that if you're staying here for more than a few days then we definitely think it's a good idea to head further afield, so having a car is a good idea.

If you enjoyed this guide, check out our other guides about locations in Devon including Sidmouth, Totnes, and Braunton.

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