The Isle of Luing – a guide for visiting this island in 2023


Despite only being 6 miles long, the Isle of Luing has plenty of things to see and do. It isn't often the first place that people think of when they consider Scottish islands to visit, but Luing is perfect for a day trip and the ferry from Oban doesn't take long at all. Here are a few of the best things to see and do during your trip to Luing, let's get into the guide:


Luing Ferry
Ruined Watermill
Luing Cattle
See the wildlife
Facts about Luing
Other Scottish island guides to check out
Useful resources for visiting Luing

Luing Ferry

Unless you have your own transport (or you fancy swimming), it's likely you'll be catching the Luing Ferry on your way to the island. This trip is short and very pleasant, and we definitely consider it to be a highlight in its own right and not just a boring part of the journey. You'll be crossing the Cuan Sound, a narrow channel with a strong current. The ferry runs every half hour 15 miles south of Oban from Seil.

Ruined Watermill

An interesting thing to visit during your trip to Luing is the Ruined Watermill near Achfolla. This was an old stone water mill and although it is now ruinous, many of the elements still remain including an impressive mill wheel. You can get right up close to the watermill to have a look at the interior and imagine what it would have been like to work there.


Cullipool is the largest village on Luing so is definitely worth a visit. The village was once bustling with slate workers and quarrying, and although the slate industry has long disappeared from these parts, the remains of the industry remain. For example, the slate quarry (pictured) is still a beautiful setting to visit. Cullipool has a unique and quaint look, with most of the houses and buildings painted in a uniform white. There is a slightly hilly area towards the centre of the island (near the church) which provides excellent views of the village and also surrounding islands including Belnahua and Fladda.

Luing Cattle

It might seem a little odd to head to an island just to see some cows, but trust us when we say that the Luing Cattle are well worth a look! Bred from a cross between the iconic Highland Cow and the Beef Shorthorn, these cows have a reddish-brown colouring and are instantly recognisable.


See the wildlife

The peaceful and uniquely sparse setting of Luing makes it an ideal location for wildlife, and during your stay you could see hares, seals, dolphins, and even otters. Keep your eyes on the skies and you might even see peregrines or eagles.


Interesting facts about Luing:

Luing has quite an interesting history, here are some facts about the island:

  • Luing was formerly a slate island, and much of Scotland's slate was produced on the island until the 1960s
  • The current population is estimated to be between 190 and 200 people who live on the island
  • The Atlantic Islands Centre is a great place for visitors to head if they want to learn more about the area, there is also a great café there

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