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Situated off the West Coast of Scotland, the Isle of Arran might not be the first location that springs to mind when you think of Scottish Islands, but it is definitely one of our favourites. It's only the 7th largest Scottish Island, part of the Kintyre 66 route, and it has lots to offer and we think it is really underrated. We wanted to highlight a few locations on the Island that we love and a few of our favourite things to do. Let's get into the list:

Glen Rosa

As we mentioned in our introduction, Goat Fell is one of the most popular locations on the island and is worth a visit. But not many people are aware of Glen Rosa, a glen located near Goat Fell. It's only 660ft high, but still has some lovely views and actually works really well as a connection to some of the main peaks on Arran, including Cìr Mhòr or the Saddle. What we really love about Glen Rosa is that the trails are really well marked and can be easily walked within an afternoon. Also, if the weather is warm enough then you can take a dip in the Blue Pool, a small body of water with an inviting blueish/green tint that is refreshingly cool. You can park for free next to the campsite at the foot of Glen Rosa.
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King's Cave

King's Cave is the largest of a series of seafront caves north of Blackwaterfoot on Arran, and is best known as the cave where Robert the Bruce watched a spider try over and over to build a web, succeeding eventually. Although this tale might just be a legend, the name 'King's Cave' has stuck for years now, and it is even sometimes referred to as Bruce's Cave. The caves have interesting sandstone formations which were caused by melting glaciers. You can reach King's Cave by walking along the Arran Coastal Way, and you can walk along the beach to the cave from Blackwaterfoot which is a really nice trail.

The Glenashdale Falls (Eas a' Chrannaig)

The Glenashdale Falls (known locally as Eas a' Chrannaig) is a particularly impressive waterfall within a series of falls on the Glenashdale Burn and is generally regarded as the nicest waterfall on the entire island. Set in beautiful woodlands just to the West of Whiting Bay, it is a double cascade waterfall. There are 2 different viewing platforms where you can enjoy views of the waterfall, so you can appreciate it from both sides. Giants' Graves is only a short walk away too!

Brodick Castle

Visiting Brodick Castle and exploring the estate is a great way to spend an afternoon on the Isle of Arran. There is an interactive visitor experience which is great for kids, plus there is 'Isle Be Wild', an adventure play area. There is something for everyone at Brodick Castle.

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