Clun – a guide for visiting this town in 2023


Shropshire is full of lovely towns and villages, and we've published guides about a few of them - Ironbridge and Much Wenlock, for example.

Clun is a small town in this area which is often overlooked, but it's beautiful and a wonderful place for walkers to visit.

We wanted to publish a guide about Clun to hopefully inspire people to visit this great town. Let's get into it:

Where is Clun?

Clun is located in the Clun Valley, near the border with Wales. It's relatively close to other notable towns and villages, such as Bishop's Castle (6 miles), Ludlow (15 miles), and Craven Arms (9 miles).

What is there to see and do in Clun?

You've got plenty to see and do in and around Clun. Here are some of the highlights:

Clun Castle

Clun Castle might be ruinous, but it is still an impressive sight to behold. The oldest parts of the castle date back to the 11th century, but it's the keep dating from the 13th century which is perhaps the most interesting part of the castle - it sits on the side of its mound, which is quite unusual. The castle sits on a hill above the town, from which point you can enjoy stunning views of Clun and of the river. There is a free car park next to the castle, and it's open all year.  Learn more and plan your visit here -


Clun is an ideal setting for walking enthusiasts, and it actually became a Walkers Are Welcome town in 2013 - you're surrounded by the Shropshire Hills and The Clun Valley is a great area to walk, cycle, and run. The town sits on both The Shropshire Way and Offa's Dyke, 2 of the best walking trails you can follow in this part of England. The Kerry Ridgeway can be accessed easily from Clun too. You're surrounded by sheep in this part of Shropshire and it is asked that walkers are respectful towards the animals, particularly if you're walking with dogs.

Bury Ditches

About 4 miles away from Clun is Bury Ditches, which is one of the best-preserved Iron Age hill forts in the country. It's estimated to date from around 500BC, and although it's a steep climb up Sunnyhill to the hill fort, it is well worth the effort - the views across the Shropshire countryside are amazing, and you can also see the Long Mynd and Corndon Hill. Learn more here -

Follow the Clun Heritage Trail

If you're looking to follow a walk which takes in all of the interesting historical locations within Clun, then we'd highly recommend that you follow the Clun Heritage Trail. The trail starts at the Castle- from here, you walk past a number of other interesting sites such as the Memorial Hall, the sculpture of Joe the Bear, and the grave of John Osborne. Learn more about the trail here -

Clun Bridge

Another interesting historical site to visit in Clun is Clun Bridge - built in the 15th century, the bridge sits over the River Clun and carries the A488 and B4368 roads over it. It's Grade II listed and is an important part of the local history.

Museum of Clun

This small museum based in the Town Hall is a great place to visit if you want to get an overview of the history of Clun. It also has some really interesting collections, including a collection of 6,000 ancient tools which were found on a local hillside. The museum is run by volunteers and is free to visit, but donations are greatly appreciated. Learn more here -

Hopton Castle

Another interesting ruinous castle which is around 6 miles from Clun is Hopton Castle - it's actually more complete than Clun Castle, and you can actually go into Hopton Castle which is very interesting. The castle was besieged in a battle of the English Civil War, but in 2006 more than £1 million was raised to restore the castle back to its former glory. The castle is estimated to date back to the 12th century, and is an example of a classic motte and bailey castle. You'll find information boards outside the castle which outline the history of the building and the restoration. Plus, the views from Hopton Castle across the surrounding countryside are lovely. Learn more here -

Getting to Clun

Getting to Clun is relatively straightforward from several surrounding locations. If you're coming from Ludlow, head south on the A49, and in around 15 miles, you'll find yourself in Clun. From Bishops Castle, take the B4385 east, and within 7 miles, you'll arrive in this charming village. If you're traveling from Craven Arms, head west on the B4368, and you'll reach Clun in about 10 miles. You'll have to follow several scenic countryside routes to get to Clun, but we feel those all add to the experience (plus, the Shropshire landscape is stunning).
We hope this guide has inspired you to visit this brilliant town. If you're interested in visiting other locations in Shropshire then we have guides about Ironbridge and Shrewsbury, as well as a guide all about North Shropshire.

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