The Very Best Candles We’ve Found

Lighting a candle is an easy way to immediately create a sense of relaxation in a room, and we could all probably do with a bit more relaxation at the moment. Choosing candles can be overwhelming, so we thought we'd round up our 3 favourite brands for you to choose from. Let's get into it

Esh candles - best for original designs and beautiful scents

Candles often take centre stage in a room, so it is not only important that they smell great, but also important that they should look great. That is why we absolutely adore the range of candles from Esh - these candle designs are completely original and unique and are sure to be a talking point - they're not just candles, they're little art pieces. All of the candles from Esh are made from soy wax as well as non-toxic dyes and recycled cotton wicks, plus they are all vegan. All of their candles are made by hand and in small batches. We're especially big fans of their Wiggle Candle, a 700g candle with 2 wicks. Explore the full range from Esh here -


Soul Candles - best for a calming candle

Candles should always smell nice, but it's extra useful if the scent helps to relax you too. And let's face it, we've had a stressful few years. That's why we love Soul Candles - the scents have been selected to help promote relaxation and to help you chill out. For example, using Lavender and geranium to help reduce anxiety and emotional stress.

There are a number of gift sets to check out, explore the range here -

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Victoria Cator - Best for lighting some luxury

If someone has been really good this year then you might like to give them a luxury candle - the Victoria Cator range definitely fits this bill. Each candle is beautifully presented and made with a special wax blend to ensure optimal olfactory and burning quality and no wax residue or black soot. They're also dual wick, ensuring an even burn which helps to avoid welling in the candle. The double wick also means double the fragrance is released!

You can explore the full range of candles here -

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