Ventura Roof Tents review – our honest thoughts

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Ventura roof tents

Car roof tents have quickly gone from a product that you probably hadn’t heard of (and might have even scoffed at) to the must-have piece of camping equipment for outdoors enthusiasts. Consequently, a number of brands have entered this space. We’ve been lucky enough to try a number of car roof tents, and have previously been impressed by the Tentbox brand and the iKamper brand. When we got the chance to try a few Ventura car roof tents, we knew that this brand would be worthy of a guide too. We’ve taken a close look at a couple of the car roof tents from this brand and we’re going to share our thoughts with you in this guide, let’s get into it:

Quick summary: Ventura is definitely one of our favourite roof tent brands, but our favourite brand is still RoofBunk. The soft top RoofBunk tent here can comfortably sleep 3 adults and is cheaper than anything from Ventura.

Now let's get into the full review:

How does the price of Ventura roof tents compare to other roof tent brands?

The real appeal of the Ventura roof tents is that every model in the range can be bought for under £2000, and actually many of the tents are on sale currently so can be bought for less than £1000.

The Ventura range is especially impressive when it comes to larger roof tents - the Ventura Deluxe 1.8 can sleep 4-5 adults and retails for £1800 (although we’ve seen it on sale for as little as £1,100). The largest roof tent from Tentbox is the Lite XL which sleeps 4 and costs almost £100 more than the Deluxe 1.8 at £1895, and if you want a large tent from iKamper then your best bet is the X-Cover 2.0, which sleeps 4 adults and retails at £3,300.


Just like the iKamper, the Ventura roof tents are covered by a 2 year warranty, and if anything breaks on the tent or is faulty then replacement parts will be sent out to you via next day delivery. This is impressive but Tentbox still stands ahead as the car roof tent brand with the longest warranty at 5 years.


Many people choose to buy a car roof tent for how quickly they are to put up compared to a normal tent, so the speed and ease of setting up these Ventura car roof tents is a really important factor to look at. There are car roof tents within the Tentbox range that can take around 60 seconds to setup, and car roof tents in the iKamper range that can take not much more than 10 seconds. We would have expected the Ventura roof tents to be slower to open compared to the Tentbox and iKamper tents, but because the Ventura tents all have an assisted opening mechanism, you can open most of the tents in the Ventura range within seconds, which is really impressive.


Again, don’t ask us why, but we expected the Ventura roof tents to be heavier compared to the Tentbox and iKamper roof tents. But actually, that isn’t the case at all - the lightest tent in the Tentbox range is the Tentbox Lite which is 50kg, and the lightest tent in the iKamper range is the Skycamp Mini which is 57kg. But amazingly, Ventura has a roof tent which is even lighter than any option from those 2 brands. The Ventura Deluxe 1.4 weighs just 45kg and is ideal for smaller cars, but still has room for 2-3 adults, which is seriously impressive. If you’re looking for a light car roof tent then Ventura is definitely a brand you should look at.
Ventura roof tents

What are the third-party reviews like for Ventura roof tents?

Just like Tentbox, Ventura has a Trustpilot profile, which is great to see as we think Trustpilot is the best third-party review platform out there. Ventura is currently sitting with an ‘Excellent’ rating of 4.6 out of 5 from more than 150 reviews, which is very impressive. Overall, reviewers seem very impressed with the quality of the tents and some reviewers even mention members of the Ventura customer support team by name, suggesting they’ve been very impressed by the standard of customer service.

Final thoughts

So we’ll admit, we didn’t have expect the Ventura car roof tents to be so impressive, but they’re really fantastic. You can buy car roof tents from this brand which are easier to setup and lighter than anything you’ll get from Tentbox or iKamper, plus the Ventura roof tents will cost less. Our only slight criticism would be the aesthetic look of the Ventura roof tents, but that’s a real nitpick.

If you've tried a Ventura car roof tent then let us know about your experience in the comments. If you want to read something similar we have a guide to the best car roof tents that we've tried.

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