Vegan Christmas gift guide – because finding vegan-friendly stuff can be hard!

If you have a Vegan person in your life then you'll know it can be really hard to find gifts for them (unless all they want is fruit and vegetables). Luckily there are loads of great vegan-friendly products out there, we rounded up our favourites to give you some ideas for Christmas 2023. Let's get into it:

Notorious Nooch Co. - Best for satisfying
Christmas cravings

Christmas can be a hard time for vegans because meals typically consist of lots of meat and other animal products. Plus, it's not appropriate to eat the KFC vegan burger on Christmas Day (sadly). This is where a product like Notorious Nooch Co. can be really useful - this clever bunch have managed to recreate the flavours of both cheese and bacon using nutritional yeast. These are great for sprinkling onto food to add a bit of flavour, or for using as a base ingredient for a vegan recipe (there are plenty of recipes on the Notorious Nooch Co. website, including cheese scones!). They're made with 100% natural ingredients and no nasty stuff. Bring this to Christmas dinner and the vegan(s) in your life will no doubt be very happy. You'll probably find yourself sprinkling these on just about everything, so why not take your sprouts up a notch with some nooch. The bacon flavour in particular is really impressive, and is just as good as some of the best vegan bacon we've tried.

I know Christmas is supposed to be the time for giving, but maybe keep these to yourself! Explore their 2 products here -

Notorious Nooch

Myroo - Best for sensitive skincare

Does the vegan person in your life love their skin? Even in 2021, it's surprisingly difficult to buy vegan skincare products. Myroo is a brand that wants to change that - every product that they make is vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and plastic-free. Oh, and they're great for your skin too. None of the products contains any of the 14 food allergens, but they're still packed with nutrients like vitamins. Every product is made from plant-based ingredients and is made in small batches.

You can explore the full Myroo range here, plus you can buy a gift card which is a great idea for Christmas - 


Bare Bodycare - best for handcrafted vegan skincare

Finding truly vegan skincare products can be hard, and although some of the big high-street brands with vegan product lines might use vegan ingredients, their products are probably mass-produced in a way that isn't exactly great for the environment. This is why it's great to buy from brands like Bare Bodycare, where each product is made by hand using 100% natural and vegan ingredients. The owner (Catherine) regularly posts about the methods she uses to create her products, so there is no mystery about what's in each item you buy. Her range of products are free from added synthetic dye, parabens and SLES, so they're pretty much as vegan and natural as you can get.

Explore the full product range including soap, oils and gift cards (perfect for Christmas) here -


MyBambooBrush - best for a vegan-friendly smile

You'd be amazed and probably horrified by which products you use in your daily life aren't actually vegan-friendly, which is why it's so great to see a product like MyBambooToothBrush. Most people use a toothbrush every day, so it's important for vegans to know that the brush they're using has been created without cruelty to animals. Every toothbrush from MyBambooBrush is created from Moso bamboo, which is the bamboo that Pandas don't eat. So you're not taking food away from pandas! This bamboo grows without fertiliser too, making it super eco-friendly.

You can buy a years supply of toothbrushes from MyBambooBrush which would make a great Christmas gift, check out the full range here -


HANX - Best for vegan virility

Have you ever tried to find properly vegan-friendly sex products? Go on, we'll wait. See, it's pretty hard, isn't it? Luckily HANX is on hand. This brand makes condoms that contain no casein and no beeswax, 2 animal-derived substances that you'll find in a huge amount of popular condom brands. Both the condoms and lubricant sold by HANX are certified by The Vegan Society, which is really impressive. As HANX says on their website, "The only animal in the bedroom should be you." - Nice!

Plus, perhaps most crucially, the quality hasn't been compromised at all by their commitment to veganism. That's what makes them such a great gift. You can grab bundles that contain condoms and lubricant, explore the full range here -


VeganToys - Best for a bit of fun

We mentioned that finding Vegan sex products like condoms can be hard, the same can be said when it comes to finding vegan sex toys. The sex toy industry is not well regulated, so many of the most popular masturbator toy companies use questionable materials in their products. VeganToys only use medical-grade silicone and glass, both of which are very safe for humans. Their toys come in fun shapes and would make an excellent Christmas gift for the fun-loving vegan in your life.

You can explore this fun range in full here -



We hope this guide helps you to find a great vegan Christmas gift for the plant-based person in your life. If you're still stuck for gift ideas for the vegans in your life, why not book them a stay in one of these vegan hotels or B&Bs? Or if you're looking for a great vegan Christmas dessert then check out the best vegan jelly we've tried.

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