Vaping CBD Benefits & Effects: Our Full Guide.

There is a huge community of people vaping CBD, rather than consuming it orally. If you're new to CBD then you'll maybe have seen a strange (and expensive) bottle of the stuff in Holland and Barrett.

Me included, I only thought it was something you could find in the form of a tea, oil, or liquid of some kind. But when you think about it, CBD is from cannabis. So vaping it makes sense. Although it is not a new 'well-being' trend. Many people are turning to vaping CBD oil to help with symptoms of anxiety, and nausea and to aid sleep.

As a CBD user myself I decided to switch it up and try a CBD vape pen for a month or so, and report my findings - and of course, share some of my learnings from research along the way.


CBD vape cartridge


Different types of CBD Vapes

There are two kinds of CBD vape available right now: one is a normal vape e-liquid, and the other is what is called a 'distillate'. The latter of the two is sold in small cartridges that can be screwed onto a battery.

The first is a mixture of two fatty liquids (PG & or VG) which can be put into a large vape device called a 'rig'. Back in the day when vaping really took off, this is what people would be vaping. They come in a huge variety of flavours and create huge plumes of vape. From my research, I read that the large vape rigs burn way too hot for the CBD, which can be destroyed in the process. At best it is a pointless expense and could leave a horrible bitter taste in your mouth.

I asked the advice of a friend who vapes regularly and they suggested that I use the CBD vape cartridge rather than the e-liquid. These use a more 'natural' extract that is infused with other well-being benefitting natural chemicals like 'terpenes'. These vape cartridges are purpose-built for vaping CBD extracts which require gentle heat. The benefits are better, and these are said to be slightly easier on your lungs.

The advice was to search out a cartridge with the following characteristics:

  • Ceramic Coil element (not steel or anything else)
  • 'Cannabis Derived' Terpenes
  • Is lab-tested and a well-known company
  • Co2 Extraction (not solvent which is less healthy)

I researched lots and lots of CBD vape cartridges and decided to choose the company that had a track record and was suggested by a number of people on Reddit. This company was 'High Kind'. They are easily found on Google.


The effects of Vaping CBD Oil?

Apparently, vaping CBD effects are different for different people. Some people can get very sleepy very quickly and others need to take quite a bit for the effects to start to come into place. I am a small person so I imagine that is why it didn't take much for me to feel the effects.

Within a couple of minutes after taking a draw I felt noticeably lighter, more relaxed and calm. I noticed a little bit of light-headedness and got a real rush from the vape. As I vaped more and more, I did start to feel quite 'woozy'. My eyes became heavier, and my focus started to waver significantly. I had taken a little too much and actually felt as though I needed to take a little lay down. I slept like a stone for about 3 hours during the middle of the day. (Apparently, the effects change based on the terpenes in the vape cartridge- but most providers explain these on their website)

This was absolutely a case of me not knowing how much I should be taking. After a month or so of trial and error, I managed to get a balance.

I usually use CBD for general well-being and to help give me a boost during the day (and to recover my workouts). It doesn't really have a purpose but I do notice the difference in my daily life. Vaping CBD is completely different, you can use it as and when you need it and the effects of vaping CBD are almost instantaneous.

Personally, I would recommend a CBD vape if you'd like to swap out a glass of wine on a Friday evening, or as an alternative to smoking.


Benefits of Vaping CBD (Is vaping Good for CBD?)

I have recorded the benefits I noticed over the period of a month from using the vape:


  • Reduction in Anxiety and Stress Levels
  • Reduction in Pain after the gym
  • Discrete and enjoyable for a break at work
  • Instant benefits from the CBD (the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream instantly)
  • Lots of options for terpenes (Which have their own effects)


  • Not ideal for non-smokers (like me - but I did get used to the vape)
  • Not ideal for those using CBD for well-being
  • Easy to overdose and get sleepy

So, is vaping good for CBD? I would say: yes. Compared with a CBD oil, the effects are quicker, more potent and can be tailored to your needs during the day. While it may not suit everybody, vaping CBD on the weekend or as an alternative to smoking is a great idea.


Does vaping CBD cause lung damage?

One of the concerns I had before trying CBD was: does vaping CBD causes lung damage? From my research, I cannot say definitively, but I know for sure that it isn't good for you. The process of inhaling anything into your lungs is not good for them and may cause short/ long term damage to your lungs.

The caveat is: is vaping CBD better than smoking? It is looking very likely based on research. So, if you already vape or you're looking for a smoking alternative, then vaping CBD may be something to look into.

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