Unusual Golf Gifts You Can Buy In the UK

So, you have somebody in your life who is golf crazy, but you aren't quite as enthusiastic as the best way to ruin a good walk (a Harry Leon Wilson quote). When somebody has everything they need for a day out on the course, it is hard to find something that is thoughtful, specific and useful. Unless you take them to the local golf shop and pay for whatever they want, it an be hard to find the balance. 

So, today we're going to be helpful and document a few of these potentially great and unusual golf gifts for whomever it may be. 


Keep Cup

The one thing about golf that nobody told me, was how early you need to get up. A lot of the time my group of friends like to get up super early, and hit the course so we're done just after lunchtime. More time for a beer I suppose.

In the morning I would be lost without my keep cup. It is a small, handy, reusable coffee cup which is robust enough to survive the day, and most coffee shops will fill it up for you.

The cup does not splash, does not leak and can be quite literally thrown into your bag for the road. The cork handle makes it comfy and gives the cup a luxurious feeling.

You can buy the Keep Cup pretty much anywhere, but the best place to go is Amazon UK.


Keep Cup

Golf Stroke and Score Counter Bracelet

This is certainly an unusual gold gift, but it is both functional and looks great. There is genuinely never a worse feeling than getting a few strokes in and you forget how many you've taken. Or the paper you're using gets soaked. Why not a bracelet?

The bracelet is set up with beautiful hand-scored beads which are designed to move around the bracelet and stay put unless they are intentionally moved. They can be used to count your stokes and score over a whole 18 holes, or a short round before lunch.

The bracelet comes with a lovely little box and a care package to look after the bracelet.

This is not just thoughtful, and beautiful, but functional on the course.

Check it out on amazon UK right here.



Sony Wireless Earphones

Don't get me wrong, Golf is as much of a social sport as it is a game of focus and technique. Sometimes though, golf is a lovely way to be outside, do something relaxing and enjoy some space from other humans.

While I wouldn't recommend wearing earphones on a course full of people, if you're on the range, or in your garden or out in the sticks then it is a great idea to get your headphones on and listen to the radio, a podcast or your favourite tunes.

The sony headphones I have selected are the ones I personally have. They are great quality, last for hours and hours, and use bluetooth for connection. So you can swing without worrying about loose wires.

You can pick up the headphones from most tech stores but they are the cheapest (like most things) on Amazon UK.


Sony Headphones

vx3 Jumper

Gold attire is a big thing. The reason for this selection being an unusual golf gift is that this jumper is not designed for golf, but for rugby.

I was gifted this myself and it is one of the best base layer, spring/summer jumpers I have. It was warm, comfy, and stretchy and fits me like a glove. It is great for when it is super cold, or when it is warm. It can go under a larger jumper, jacket or coat without any issue.

What makes this jumper so good for golf is the fact that it is super light, and doesn't get in the way of your swing.

The jumper is about £30 and just as good as any golf jumper I have purchased at twice the price.

The company have loads of other products and sports gear that may also be a great gift for a golfer

Vx3 jumper

Putout pressure Put Trainer

This gift is not so unusual, but it looks pretty funky, that is for sure. The Putout is a put trainer that is designed in such a way to replicate a real hole on a course.

You can use the trainer outside, inside, on the move or simply use it as a hole on the ground where there is no hole. It makes the perfect gift to make any field a portable gold course (can even make the office a golf course if you want).

The Putout trainer is perfect for perfecting your swing, accuracy and pace of your put. The trainer is set up to push bad puts back out to the user.

Not the most unusual golf gift, but a great one. To learn more about the product itself, it is best to go onto the official website:

Amazon UK

Putout pressure putter

Beer Carry Bag

What is a round of golf without a beer? There is something to be said about a cold beer during a round, on a warm summer's day.

Some people like to stuff a couple of cans into their club bag but the issue is that you can maybe put 3 or 4 into the bag, and they will be pretty warm by the time you get around to the second or third hole.

This is a purpose build beer carry bag that is specifically designed for your golf day. It carries 6 cold beers in a robust compact bag, which you can carry on your shoulder or attach to the bag itself.

If you have one of those fancy self-driving bags then the beer basically carries itself!

There are a number of different types of this kind of unusual gold gift, but this is the highest reviewed.

It is available on Amazon UK.

Gold Carry Bag

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