Ultimate Christmas Card Guide – because a card is the best way to show that you care

Sometimes the simplest gestures at Christmas can mean the most, and there is nothing quite like receiving a Christmas card from someone you haven't heard from in a while. It shows a level of thoughtfulness that most people appreciate. This is especially true when the cards you're sending are well made, which is why we wanted to round up some of our favourite options. Let's get into it:

Mirabelle Makery - Best for calligraphy Christmas cards

We love cards that feel really personalised, and an excellent way to achieve that feeling is with handwritten calligraphy. Every card from Mirabelle Makery includes handwritten calligraphy,  and our absolute favourite is the handwritten letter from Santa - what an incredible gift that would be to receive! It's not just the writing that is beautiful though, the paper used is also of the utmost quality (from a traditional paper mill in Somerset) and the ink used is totally vegan.

Explore the impressive Christmas range from Mirabelle Makery here -


Sleepymoon - Best for a personalised pick-me-up

It's great when Christmas cards feel really personalised, and that's why we love the range from Sleepymoon. You've got so many options for personalisation, from the inclusion of photos to custom messages which show that the card is not just a generic one of the shelves of the supermarket. We also love that the creative team at Sleepymoon review each card to ensure that you get the best from your design, plus that they're committed to using eco-friendly cards & envelopes.

Overall we think they're an excellent option if you have some photos you've love to share this Christmas, explore their Christmas range here -


GroupGreeting - Best for a group hug

Want to send a group Christmas card to someone special? In this remote world of ours, it can be pretty hard to get everyone to add a personalised signature to a card - GroupGreeting solves this. What we love about the cards from GroupGreeting is that you can all sign the card digitally, but it still manages to feel really personal. You can style your signature and add personal touches such as photos and stickers to show that you've given it thought. Plus, it doesn't matter how many people need to sign the card as there is endless space for signatures. So even if you want to send a card from your entire rugby team, GroupGreeting has you covered.

Explore their great selection of designs here -


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