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UK Waitrose stores now stock Tim Tam biscuits – and they really want you to know about it

Published by Finn Hayden

Tim Tam Waitrose

I've heard people talking about Tim Tam biscuits for years - when I say "people", I actually mean "Australian people", because it has been almost exclusively Aussies that have told me about these biscuits and how awesome they are. I was told they are similar to Penguin biscuits and that is definitely true. They're really nice!


Until recently, it was quite hard to find Tim Tam biscuits in the UK, and you typically had to go to specialist shops to find them. But they've finally started popping up in the major supermarkets, and I was quite surprised to see this huge display in my local Waitrose. Clearly, the marketing team at Waitrose wants shoppers to give Tim Tams a try!

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