Ugg slippers – are they worth buying? (Our honest review)


There was a time when it seemed like every girl of a certain age (and plenty of men too) owned a pair of UGG boots. The iconic design was recognisable from a mile away and although they didn't seem very practical, they were very popular for a number of years and the hype around them was huge.

The UGG boots might have fallen out of fashion, but one item from their range which remains very popular is the UGG slippers. They still have the iconic UGG fluffiness spilling out of the shoe, but you won't typically see people wearing these in public (unless they're having a particularly lazy Sunday). But are these UGG slippers actually worth buying, and should you get yourself a pair when there are so many slipper options out there? Let's take a closer look at them:

What can you use Ugg Slippers for?

It might seem odd to need to outline what you'd buy a pair of slippers for, because normally it would be pretty self-explanatory - you wear slippers when you're lounging around the house. But the reason we want to cover this specifically for the UGG slippers is that, like the UGG boots, the UGG slippers can actually be used for a bit more than that. Because the slippers have a molded rubber outsole, they're actually pretty good to wear outside - you could wear them when you're taking the bins out, for example. But you wouldn't want to run a marathon in them.

How much will these slippers cost you?

So far you might be thinking, "these sound pretty awesome! I'm definitely getting a pair". Well, hold your horses there, because we haven't spoken about the price of these yet, which appears to be the main issue that people have with them. The starting price is £85, which is definitely a lot of money for a pair of slippers.

What are the reviews like for the UGG slippers?

We feel that when you talk to most UGG slippers owners, they're pretty happy with their purchase. But the UGG Trustpilot, which hasn't been claimed but still has lots of reviews on it, tells a different story. We've highlighted a few reviews of the UGG slippers where customers don't seem happy at all. People seem to think they're very expensive for what they actually are, plus people weren't very happy with the customer service offered by the UGG support team.
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Are there any good/cheaper alternatives to Ugg slippers?

 The reality is that there are lots of great alternatives to Ugg Slippers, with many of them we found available to buy for less than half the price of the originals. The slippers pictured have a rubber sole and are also made with Sheepskin, and they're half the price of the UGG slippers.
We also found this pair of sheepskin slippers at TK Maxx, which you could buy for just £32.99. They're also made with genuine suede, which is the same as the slippers from UGG. We didn't try them ourselves but they certainly seemed to be flying off the shelves at TK Maxx, so give them a try!
UGG slippers alternative from Amazon
Sheepskin slippers TK Maxx

Final thoughts - are Ugg slippers worth buying?

If you're happy to spend the money on UGG slippers then in our opinion, they are worth buying. They're very well made and there is no denying that. But it is also worth considering the cheaper alternatives out there which are almost as good for less than half the price.

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