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Thurso Waterwalker 132 Stand Up Paddleboard Review

Waterwalker 132 All-around SUP at beach

Published by Finn Hayden

We've tried many excellent stand up paddle boards, and we've been lucky enough to get sent paddle boards from companies occasionally too. Thurso recently sent us a Waterwalker 132, which is one of the largest paddle boards that the brand manufactures. As a larger rider (I weigh over 100kg), I couldn't wait to get this out on the water so I could review it and let our audience know what I think of it. In this review, I'll try to look at the pros and cons of this paddle board. Let's get into it:

Quick summary - overall, we love the Waterwalker 132 paddle board from Thurso. We think it's reasonably priced and great for people who want to cruise and take long trips on the water. Now let's get into a more detailed review:

Who is Thurso?

The company was set up in the USA by two old friends, who reconnected through paddle boarding after 15 years: Yu & Shenglong. Yu worked with a major SUP manufacturer and they both took up the sport and it became a passion.

Soon the pair were outgrowing their geat and they started to add modifications to improve their boards. They looked at ways to improve performance, stability, glide, comfort, and the whole experience. While we take those accessories for granted, back then the parts just didn't exist. So the two put out designs and made them themselves.

It was here that Thurso surfing was created. Out of necessity.

Just like back in the beginning, Thurso are still pioneering new and interesting engineering projects which keep pushing the paddle-boarding industry forward across the globe. We are based in the UK and it seems the company is not quite as popular here as in the USA, but the time is coming.

What did we get with the Waterwalker 132?

Alongside the paddle board, the Waterwalker 132 also came with a bunch of stuff to help us get started immediately. This included a dual chamber foot pump, a paddle, fins, an ankle leash, and a repair kit.

Waterwalker 132 all around SUP
Waterwalker SUP

All of this comes in a large bag (pictured) which has pockets on the side and a large pocket on the front. It's also got wheels for when you're on flat land, and backpack-style handles for when you're walking along the sand.

Thurso Waterwalker 132 bag

What did we think of the Waterwalker 132 paddle board once we got on the water?


The main place we've been taking the Waterwalker 132 to is Loch Lomond in Scotland, which is an ideal place for testing. The water is calm and it's usually quiet. Plus, there are other paddleboarders there all the time, and we love to get their feedback too!

We've really been enjoying using this paddle board. At 11ft in length, it's pretty long and has a very sturdy feel, which is ideal for me as I'm 6ft 6 inches and weigh well over 100kg. But amazingly, this SUP only weighs 11.5kg, so it's very easy to transport and really glides over the water.

When we're cruising on the water we really don't feel like we're on a big SUP - it feels really nimble and turning is pretty easy.

Using the manual pump it takes us around 5 minutes to pump up this paddle board, which is no time at all really.

Is there anything we didn't like about the Waterwalker 132 SUP?


If we had to nitpick, we'd say that we didn't really like the colour of this SUP. It's made to look like wood which we don't really like - we actually had someone ask us if it was made from wood, which was a bit strange. But you can actually get this paddle board in other colours, including a really nice blue.

Final thoughts

Overall, we're really impressed with the Thurso Waterwalker 132 - it's excellent for heavier riders and despite being strong and sturdy, it's very light and glides across the water.

If you've tried this SUP then let us know what you think of it! If you want to read something similar we have a guide to what we think are the best SUPs you can buy for under £500.

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