This £200 paddleboard from Lidl actually looks pretty good

Lidl paddleboard

Published by Finn Hayden

Summer is finally here (apparently), and I'm looking forward to visiting Loch Lomond with my paddleboard, as I did last year.

I love paddleboarding and have tried both expensive paddleboards and cheap paddleboards. Over the years, I've found that the more expensive paddleboards do tend to be better, but I've also found some really excellent paddleboards that can be bought for very little money.

I'd heard from people that a very cheap paddleboard could be bought from Lidl, but I'd never actually seen one - until now. There was only 1 in my local Lidl shop, and although I didn't buy it today, I might go back and get it so I can give it a proper review.

But I did manage to get quite a good look at the Lidl paddleboard box, which gives quite a bit of detail as to what's inside. If you want to take a look at it for yourself, it is listed on the Lidl website here. My initial thoughts are:

It's light - the 2024 version of this paddleboard weighs 10.4kg, which is actually quite light. For reference, the Thurso Waterwalker that I typically use weighs 11.5kg, so is more than 1kg heavier than the paddleboard from Lidl. I like a heavier paddleboard because I'm a heavier guy, but I can also appreciate that a lighter paddleboard is a more nimble paddleboard. So if you want to go fast and you want easier carving, this paddleboard from Lidl looks ideal.

It's a good length - When fully inflated, the Lidl paddleboard is 320cm long, which is about 10.5ft. The Thurso that I use is 11ft long, so just a tad longer. Again, I like having a longer board because I'm quite a large person, but I could quite happily use a paddleboard the length of the Lidl paddleboard, and the slightly shorter length helps make it a bit more nimble.

Lidl paddleboard seat

It's a nice style - this shouldn't be a huge factor, but I actually like the design and colour scheme of the Lidl paddleboard. The blue and white totally works for me!

It has drop-stitch material - this is a big one, because so many of the cheaper paddleboards I've looked at and tried have poor stitching, which means they're more likely to get leaks and break. The Lidl paddleboard has drop-stitch material, which makes it much more sturdy. Because of this stitching, the Mistral Lidl paddleboard can support a weight of up to 150kg. Lots of the cheaper paddleboards I've looked at can only support up to 100kg, so this is impressive.

It comes with a seat! - this one really impressed me, because I'm yet to buy a paddleboard that comes with a seat, but the Lidl one does! So you can easily turn the Lidl paddleboard into a Kayak if you want to sit down.

So as you can see, I'm pretty impressed by what I've seen so far. I think I'll buy one and give it a proper review out on the water!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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