Best things to do in North Berwick, Scotland

North Berwick is one of the most underrated towns in Scotland, and is only a short trip on a train away from the capital. We wanted to highlight what we believe to be the must things to do when you visit North Berwick, let's get into the list:

Climb the law - best for views of the town (and a workout)

The number one thing we think you should do if you head to North Berwick is to climb the law - your idea of a fun day out might not include climbing, but trust us when we say the views from the top are worth the workout. The whalebone at the top was previously real but now there is a fake in its place, and if you reach the top you won't just be treated to views, you'll also get bragging rights when you head to the pub afterwards.


Herringbone - best for a tasty, locally-inspired meal

If you're looking for a bite to eat in North Berwick, look no further than The Herringbone restaurant. Situated in the heart of the high street, this restaurant focuses on simple, tasty meals made from local ingredients. It has become a huge hit with tourists and locals alike, so you might need to book a table before going through.


Bass Rock - Best for a trip offshore

If you've got a bit of time (and you don't get seasick), then you could always head to the Bass Rock on a boat. These trips are usually only available during the summer months but are well worth the wait. The Bass Rock is special because it was once described by Sir David Attenborough as ‘one of the 12 wildlife wonders of the world’, and is well-known as a sanctuary for gannets. Oh yeh, and that white layer on top? That's not ice, that's bird poo. Luckily you won't have to get too close to that on the boat, but you'll be just close enough to see all types of seabirds including gannets, puffins and more.


Time and Tide - best for stylish furniture, furnishings & more

If you want to take something home with you from your trip to North Berwick, then Time & Tide on the high street is an ideal shop to head to. Their collection includes a mix of furniture, lighting, and other accessories and furnishings, all of which are stylish and extremely well-made. Even if you're heading home on the train and don't fancy taking furniture with you, there will definitely still be something small and beautiful you can find to take back with you.

You can find their website here -


Scottish Seabird Centre - best for birdwatchers

If you'd prefer to admire the seabirds from a distance, then the Scottish Seabird Centre is a must-visit. The centre is equipped with long-distance telescopes which allow you to see the surrounding islands clearly, so you can get up close and personal with the birds without disturbing them. There is also a cafe here that does very good cakes and coffee.


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