The Very Best Vitamins for Fitness & Active Lifestyle

Oh boy. Life can be hard. There are a million things to do, but you only have so much energy. Get up, take the kids to school, get to work, deal with the everyday nonsense of employment, pick up the kids, make them dinner and send them to bed. Somewhere you’d like to get a workout done.

The life I described above is on the ‘extreme’ side of busy, but even if your life was 20% less busy you still need a lot of energy to keep going.

What this blog post is about is trying to give you a healthy, and successful trip to the gym/ workout as well as with a brutal day in the office. Whether you like to get your workout in before work, or after then the principal is still the same.

So without any more fluff from me – here is my recommendations and the best vitamins for fitness (& an active lifestyle).


Vitamin D

If you live in the UK, then you NEED to supplement with Vitamin D. Especially in the winter. All of those tired winter nights when you simply cannot be bothered is all down to you not getting enough sun.

Vitamin D is synthesised by our skin cells are exposed to wonderful warming sunlight and is important for our body to maintain healthy bones, it supports protein synthesis (very very important for everything… like being alive) and helps your body function normally. Other than having its own little tagline of well-being benefits, vitamin D improves the absorption of other nutrients.

I personally find that vitamin D gives me a little bit more energy during the miserable (sideways rain) days – and it gives me a slightly better mindset and stabilises my mood. You know that great happy feeling when you sit out in the sun on a spring or summers day? Yup!

If you’re not into supplementing too much, try to include fatty fish, liver, eggs and cheese into your diet. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, then there are plenty of plant-based supplements out there.


Vitamin C

Well, well, well. Our old friend vitamin C is back again. Who knew I would choose vitamin C as one of the best vitamins for fitness. The reason I take vitamin C every day is very simple:

Every day our body is fighting a war. A war that is millions and millions of years old. A war every human has fought. The war against bugs, bacteria, viruses (and our own cells for accuracy sake). Without our immune system, we would, at the very least, get sick all the time. Without it, we would have died a long, long time ago.

Every day your body uses a lot of energy to protect itself from invaders. If you’re working out a lot, not giving yourself enough rest or its cold, your body may not get enough energy to ensure its shield is at full power. Annoyingly, this makes you susceptible to getting sick with colds, flu and other bugs. What can’t you do when you’re sick? Get fit.

It is a good idea to take vitamin C to 1. make sure your active lifestyle isn’t going to make you sick, and 2. keep your routine strong!

Vitamin C has been shown to be a marker of ‘overall wellness’ and is a known friend of our immune system, as well as supporting our skin and heart health.


Vitamin B (2, 3, 6, 9 & 12)

The B vitamins are among my favourites. As you can see, there are a silly amount of B vitamins but thankfully, they are interesting and very valuable.

Everything our body does to move, grow, repair and improve, B vitamins have something to do with it. B12, for example, improves the process of delivering oxygen into the muscles. You’ve guessed it – it is essential for your muscle endurance, health, repair, growth and recovery. It is a fabulous all-rounder.

Vitamin B2 is an energy booster. It helps our cells produce energy which is key for endurance and general vitality. B2 can reduce recovery times, improve performance and reduce DOMs (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). After a hard yoga session, or sprints, or muscle-ups (whatever you’re into) B2 is said to reduce pain and fatigue.

B3 (importantly: is also known as Niacin) is the king/queen when it comes to muscle growth. If you want to get jacked – get vitamin B3. The vitamin promotes the metabolism of glucose and can boose healthy cholesterol levels and healthy hormone production.

The most powerful tool for muscle repair is B6. The little transporters in our blood are what gets stuff done – red blood cells are the wheels of the body (in some way that works in my mind). B6 improves the production of red blood cells and optimizes nitric acid levels. Everything that B6 does improves your endurance, longevity and vitality.

Combine B3 with B9 and you have a potent muscle growth combo. B9 is also called Folate or Folic Acid. Other than that – there isn’t much more to say.


Vitamin A

Our body is made up of lots, and lots of tiny protein strands which are broken down and rearranged to produce essential chemicals, fight off infections and homeostasis. Vitamin A is part of our body’s protein synthesis function (producing proteins to use). The proteins could be for your muscle growth, to be used in our immune system or something else important.

For those know-it-alls, Vitamin A also is part of the body’s process of creating glycogen (what the body uses as an energy source).

Whether you want antioxidants, strong bones, general vitality, or eye health – get some vitamin A.

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