The Ultimate doggy Christmas gift guide – because your dog has probably had a ruff couple of years too

It's easy to forget your furry friends at Christmas, but why not treat them to something this year? There are so many fun and interesting ideas for dog Christmas presents out there that we thought we'd round up our favourites. Let's get into it:

Bonne et Filou Dog Macarons - Best for delicious doggy delicacies

If you're looking for a luxury, premium dog treat, you won't do any better than these macarons from Bonne et Filou. Each macaron is handmade in the USA, and only contains natural ingredients. The recipes used for each flavour are 100% free from corn, wheat and GMO ingredients, and there is no artificial coloring or any preservatives used. They're a bit harder than the macarons we humans would eat, so they're perfect for a long chew. Flavours include vanilla, mint and rose!

We love these macarons and think they're ideal for any dog that deserves a special treat this Christmas, you can buy them in the UK here -


Luxury Dog Hampers - Best for pampered pooches

Has your pooch behaved perfectly this year? Then they deserve something special - Luxury Dog Hampers definitely fits the bill. Each hamper is full to the brim with really special goodies, with everything from pâté to tea (yep, tea for dogs!). You can choose from a variety of hampers in a range of sizes, including smaller sizes.

Explore the full range of hampers here -




BusterBox - Best for doggy delights all year round

Has your dog been a good boy or girl for the whole year? Then maybe they deserve something more than just a present at Christmas - BusterBox is a great idea. Every month, you'll be sent a box packed with healthy goodies and fun toys for your dog to enjoy. There are different themed boxes throughout the year (Halloween for example) and you can customize the boxes to a degree, but part of the fun for you and your dog is that you're delighted every month.

The price starts at £19.99 per month, and you're easily getting £30 worth of goodies in each box. Get started with BusterBox here -


BusterBox dog subscription

The Dog House Sleep Snacks - Best for helping your dog have a chilled out Christmas

With so many people around, Christmas can be a really exciting time for dogs. Sometimes they need a little help calming down, and although many people like to reach for the supplements, we would much prefer to use natural products like the Sleep Snacks from The Dog House. These snacks are not only tasty (something that can't be said for sleep supplements), they're also made from natural ingredients and without any artificial colourants or preservatives, or gluten. The recipe was crafted by Michel Roux and they're designed to feel like a treat for your dog rather than a supplement. Put it this way, you won't need to sneak these snacks into their food.

We think these are some of the best dog biscuits you can buy, and they're ideal for dealing with the excitement of the Christmas period. Take a look at them here -


Monstar Wear - Best for peppy pups

So far we've looked at gifts that'll help your dog have a chilled out and relaxed Christmas, but what if they want to get outside and explore? Look no further than Monstar wear - harnesses and other products for dogs who love to be active. All of their harnesses are comfortable and can be worn all day long without any hassle. They're also made with reflective stitching which helps with visibility in low light. We love dog harnesses like the Julius K9, but the harnesses from Monstar Wear are also excellent.

You can explore the full range of products from Monstar Wear here -

And use code YOUWELL15 for 15% off until Xmas day!


Pawfect Scents - Best for kicking back with your canine

We all like our home to smell nice, but sometimes what smells great to us can be really unpleasant for our dogs. We love the wax melts from Pawfect Scents because not only will humans love them, but dogs will love them too. Plus, they're really safe - no harsh chemicals or anything that could harm your dog. Each wax melt is made from only 2 ingredients, Natural Soy Wax and Essential Oils. If dog shampoo isn't enough to make your dog smell great, having these wax melts in your home will do the job.

Popular scents within the range include Sweet Orange, Lavender and Lemongrass. You can explore the full range here -




If you're looking for more guides about items for dogs, check out our guide about anti barking collars.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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  • Eve

    I get BusterBox for my dog and he loves it!

    Its the best thing ever cos it arrives at my home without me having to do anything plus I save mponey cos if I go to the shop I see more so I speand more 🤭

    The themse are cool, I cannot wait for Chritmas! and you can request strong toys if you like (I had to and it helped!)

    I get some thing I normal would not buy and this is cool cos I found out my dog loves some flavour treats that I would personally never buy LOL!

    Also we baked cupcakes for him – hey came in the box!

    Great company, great customer support!

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