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The strange marketing history of Guinness

Published by Finn Hayden

Guinness 0.0

We've made no secret about the fact that we think Guinness is amazing. Recently, we wrote about how the non-alcoholic version of the iconic black beer really impressed us, and we include the beer in our list of the best non alcoholic beers we've tried.

The research for these articles sent us down some very interesting internet rabbit holes, and we learnt quite a bit about the history of Guinness. But the most interesting thing by far was the health claims made about Guinness throughout the years.


The old slogan for Guinness, which was widely used in marketing materials throughout the 1920s, was simply - "Guinness is good for you". There was so much belief that Guinness was healthy that the drink was even recommended to pregnant women, mainly because it was thought to be very high in iron.


Obviously, marketing like that is no longer permitted, but there are still some people who maintain that Guinness is healthy, and certainly in terms of calories, Guinness is a "healthier" choice compared to most other beers. But obviously, pregnant women shouldn't be drinking beer. If you need more iron in your diet, you can eat cereal.

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