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The best Wagamama dishes

Wagamama has been in the UK since 1992, and despite plenty of competition on the high street, the chain restaurant has remained a popular choice with punters. The variety of food choices at your typical Wagamama restaurant is impressive but can be pretty overwhelming if you've never been before because you don't know what to choose. Well, we want to make your life a bit easier. We've outlined the best Wagamama dishes based on our opinion but also on the opinions of reviews we've found elsewhere online. Let's get into it:

Yaki Soba - best for a no-fuss, safe option

One of the most popular dishes available at Wagamama is their Yaki Soba - it's a pretty straightforward dish, but perhaps that is why it's so popular. The dish is comprised of noodles, chicken breast, and flavourings such as ginger and soy sauce. This gives the dish a savory and sweet taste, which is delicious. If you're not sure what to order and you want to play it safe, get this.


Chicken katsu curry - best for a signature dish with a bit of spice

If you're feeling a bit more adventurous then definitely check out the Chicken katsu curry - it's probably the most popular dish from Wagamama, and in every group, there is usually at least one person who orders this. Although there are kits which you can use at home to make this dish, nothing really comes close to the original Wagamama katsu curry. This isn't super spicy but still has a kick to it


No duck donburi - Best for a very tasty vegan dish

If you're looking for something without meat but with loads of flavour, Wagamama is actually one of the best restaurants to head to on the high street. One of their most popular dishes is the No duck donburi, a vegan take on the popular Asian dish. It's one of their most popular vegan dishes and regularly pops up on vegan discussion boards as a great option. Plus you can always opt for the non-vegan option if you like (pictured).


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