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The Best Vegan Before and After Transformations (Top 3) – look at how their skin, bodies and mindsets changed

As with any post on our blog about food and nutrition, we want to start this article with a disclaimer - vegan diets aren't for everyone, and although the following people might have seen incredible transformations, it doesn't mean that you will. Many vegans require a regimen of supplements to support their diet, and often those supplements aren't vegan (in this thread people mention Cod Liver Oil and Cannabidiol).

More people than ever are switching to a vegan diet, not just for ethical reasons but also for health reasons. The internet is packed with stories from people who claim to have transformed themselves via a vegan diet, so we wanted to highlight our favourite vegan transformations. Let's get into the list:

Brian Turner - dramatically improved his acne-prone skin with a vegan diet

For years, Brian Turner was your typical bodybuilder - chugging gallons of milk and other dairy products every week without thinking too much about what he was putting into his body. His results were amazing in the gym, and he looked the part from the neck down. Sadly, his face was covered in cystic acne, which he believed was caused by his dairy-packed diet. Despite acne medication courses and countless lotions and potions, the acne persisted. Brian decided enough was enough and made the choice to switch to a fully vegan diet. This was a huge decision for him, particularly given his protein and calorie requirements. But he took the leap and he has managed to retain his muscle mass and almost entirely cleared his acne. Brian seems like a really positive guy so we couldn't be happier for him! Check out his YouTube channel here.

Brian Turner acne befor and after veganism

Freelee the banana girl - eat bananas everyday to look better than ever

Freelee is a popular "fruitarian" YouTuber who claims to have shed her weight by switching to an entirely fruit-based, vegan diet. We're not totally sure how effective this would be for the majority of people, but it certainly seems to have done the trick for Freelee if this before and after photo is to be believed. Her before picture here was from when she was 20 on a Paleo diet, and the after photo was taken 17 years later. You can find her on Instagram here.


Kevin Smith - famous actor/director who went vegan after a health scare

And just to show that even celebrities are seeing amazing transformations by switching to a vegan diet, this is Kevin Smith before and after ditching meat in favour of plants. He has a heart attack in 2018 which was attributed to his poor diet, so Kevin decided to make a change. By going vegan he lost huge amounts of weight and now looks better than ever!


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