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7 tomato ketchups that are better than Heinz (seriously)

Published by Finn Hayden

If there is one thing we do well here in the UK, it's condiments. And if there is one condiment that we do really really well, it's tomato ketchup. It goes with pretty much anything and everything, and here in the UK we'll have it with chips, eggs, and even macaroni cheese (yes, I've seen that). In fact, last year a study revealed that tomato ketchup is officially the UK's favourite condiment, overtaking the likes of mayonnaise and brown sauce. We're made for it!

The only issue is choosing which tomato ketchup to buy - there are so many options now, and although it can be tempting to stick to the tried and tested brands, we think it is well worth exploring the ketchup aisle for something a little different. That's exactly why we decided to round up a list of the best tomato ketchup you can buy in the UK, based on flavour, price, and other factors. Let's get into the list:

Bay's Kitchen

Often with tomato ketchup, the fewer ingredients in the bottle better. The team at Bay's Kitchen really understands this - made with Sundried Tomatoes, this ketchup is simple but delicious. It's also interesting to note that this is a Low FODMAP ketchup, meaning it doesn't contain any fermentable carbs that the small intestine absorbs poorly. This includes ingredients like onions and garlic, but the ketchup does contain Paprika and Black Pepper which both really add a lot of flavour. We love the taste and we love the simple ingredients, learn more here -

Bay's Kitchen

Dr Will's

Typically, we'd be worried about a bottle of tomato ketchup that we found on the shelves of Holland & Barrett, because we'd be assuming that all that naughty, tasty stuff (like sugar and salt) had been removed, and all that remained was a tasteless tomato paste. But although we did find this bottle of Dr Will's All Natural Tomato Ketchup in our local Holland and Barrett, and although some of the bad stuff has been removed, this ketchup absolutely isn't void of flavour - we really enjoyed it. Buy it here -

Dr Will's


We actually included Meridian in our peanut butter guide, so some of you might be surprised to see the brand popping up in this list, but their tomato ketchup is also very good. Like their peanut butter, it is totally organic and gluten-free. It's made with Italian tomatoes and the recipe is very simple, with everything from the garlic powder to the Demerara Sugar in the recipe being totally organic. We love the taste and we think you will too, learn more here -

Meridian ketchup

Tiptree Tomato Ketchup

This fancy-looking ketchup bottle from Tiptree not only looks classy, but it also has a very high-quality taste. The recipe used to make this tomato ketchup has apparently been in the Wilkin family (the family that owns the Tiptree brand) for more than 100 years, using only the finest Mediterranean plum tomatoes in each bottle. What's more, each bottle is hand checked and finished before it is put up for sale. It's totally free from artificial colours and flavours too, which is great. Overall, this is a classy product and the kind of tomato ketchup which would be great to give as a gift or as part of a hamper. This might be the best ketchup we tried of all of them, but at £2.99 per 310g bottle it's also the most expensive. Learn more here -

Wilkin & Sons tomato ketchup

 Heinz Tomato Ketchup (50% less sugar & salt)

We don't have to say much about Heinz - let's face it, they are the best-selling tomato ketchup brand. But we wanted to include one of their variations in this list, because the tomato ketchup from Heinz with 50% less sugar and salt than the original stuff is actually really good, and we think it's totally worth switching to. Sweetened naturally, the product contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or thickeners, but we think it still has that unmistakable Heinz taste. Give it a shot for yourself and let us know what you think, learn more here -

Heinz tomato ketchup 50%

Spicy Sriracha Ketchup (Marks & Spencer)

Ok, we're including this as a bit of a curveball, but if you like spicy tomato ketchup then this stuff from M&S is absolutely worth trying. Launched in early 2021, it has quickly become a favourite with shoppers and it goes great with just about everything (too much, actually. It's hard not to put this on everything). It's essentially a hybrid sauce which is a cross between a sriracha sauce and tomato ketchup, and we think it totally works. Try this on eggs for the ultimate breakfast, learn more here -

M&S spicy sriracha ketchup

Tesco tomato ketchup

We had to include one supermarket own-brand tomato ketchup in this list, but to be honest we struggled to find one that we really liked until we tried the tomato ketchup from Tesco. Made with sun-ripened tomatoes and a very simple recipe, we love the straightforward taste and at just £1 per 555g bottle, it's easily the cheapest tomato ketchup in this list. If you're looking for something cheap but good to slather on your chips, this is ideal. Learn more here - 

Tesco tomato ketchup

Final thoughts

So you can probably tell that we're big fans of tomato ketchup, and that we were more than happy to try lots of them to see which was best! Hopefully you find a tomato ketchup here that you enjoy, let us know in the comments!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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