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Best Supplements For Menopause Joint Pain that We Have Found in the UK

Ah, menopause—the dreaded phase of life that brings a whirlwind of uncomfortable symptoms and throws your entire existence into a spin. From exhaustion and mood swings to hot flushes and achy joints, it seems like menopause doesn't leave any part of our lives untouched.

While we can't avoid menopause, there are ways to ease some of its worst side effects, particularly joint pain.

So, let's get into it:


Best Supplements for Menopause & Joint Pain

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Health & Her Menopause Supplements



Vitabiotics Menopause Supplements

CBD Oil & Balms

CBD is a game-changer. CBD oil is all the rage these days, and for good reason!

While it may not solve all of life's problems, CBD oil is an essential companion during menopause, with the power to make a dramatic impact on joint pain.

By regulating your Endocannabinoid System, CBD oil helps correct imbalances that wreak havoc during menopause, from hormones to inflammation and even sleep quality.

It's definitely one of the go-to supplements for relieving menopausal joint pain.

For the best options, we've already got a page for the best CBD oils that you can by in the UK

CBDiablo Cthulhu water soluble CBD

Curcumin (Turmeric):

Inflammation is often the culprit behind menopause joint pain. As it is usually behind most chronic well-being issues.

As your hormones are flying around going wild and your body starts to develop it's inflammatory response which causes a whole regiment of unwanted consequences.

This is why you need to start taking supplements that actively reduce inflammation and help your body flush out stress chemicals. CBD is a winner here, but curcumin is a super effective anti-inflammatory.

Curcumin, activated by black pepper works wonders for your joints. Seek out curcumin supplements with pepper to boost absorption and maximize benefits.

Say goodbye to inflammation, and hello to happier joints!

Full Spectrum Curcumin

Vitamin K (K1 & K2)

One of the essential vitamins you need for menopausal joint pain, is vitamin K. You may have already seen that there is two kinds of this vitamin - 1 & 2. Basically, K1 is derived from plants (and is suitable for a plant-based deit) while K2 is produced from animals or fermented foods.

Vitamin K plays an essential role in the maintenance of a healthy heart, joint and bone health.

There is a study that found k2 helped to have a positive impact on the mineralisation of bones and increase their strength. So, there is science behind this being one of the best supplements for menopause joint pain.


Vitamin D:

Way too many people across the UK are deficient in vitamin D. Mainly because we just simply do not get enough sunlight.

The vitamin is absolutely essential for regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate that are in our bodies. These are the two nutrients we need for healthy bones, teeth and muscles

Vitamin D also plays a huge role in your immune system and is part of your body's defensive structures. During menopause, your body's immunity is often lowered, so, all those annoying little colds and sicknesses get through the weaknesses in your defence. Vitamin D will help those days of flu go away!

If you're also a woman with dark or colour in your skin then vitamin D is even more essential. Your dark skin protects you from the sun but also lowers the amount of Vitamin D your body can produce. With the UK sun you're likely not getting enough- so take some D!


Sainsburys vitamin D


Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. The shiny little bit of mental that you burn in the bunsen burner at school, is the same as what your body needs. The mineral is essential for a healthy sleep cycle.

Getting quality sleep is vital for tackling menopause joint pain. After a night of tossing and turning, those joints start to ache like never before.

Second, only to CBD oil, magnesium is a fantastic supplement for your overall health, especially during menopause. It supports your sleep cycle and helps regulate melatonin—the magical chemical that guides you into dreamland.

There are plenty of ways to get Magnesium into your diet, and several ways to take a Magnesium supplement. This is a great one for Menopause generally, not just to help with joint pain.


And that's a wrap! We've reached the end of our recommendations for the best supplements to tackle menopause and its dreaded joint pain. Menopause can be tough, but we hope you find something from this list that brings you a bit of relief during the ups and downs. If you've tried any of these supplements, we'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Share them in the comment section below. Hang in there, mommas, you've got this!

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