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Supermarket mince pies that you (& Santa) will love

Published by Finn Hayden

It's getting towards that time of year when it's perfectly acceptable to eat 6 cakes in one sitting as long as they're filled with "mince" (not that kind). Yes, it's finally mince pie season and we couldn't be more excited. Despite the fact that we're not entirely sure what the filling is made from, there is no denying that these little pies are delicious and versatile - serve them hot or cold, with cream or without.

Over the years, more and more UK supermarkets have started to release their own versions of mince pies to compete with the likes of Mr Kipling. Some of them aren't great, but many of them are actually quite excellent and really give the more expensive branded mince pies a run for their money.

We wanted to round up the best supermarket mince pies we could find here in the UK. It would have been easy for us to just pick the more expensive mince pies that each supermarket sells from their premium range (Tesco Finest, Sainsbury's Taste the Difference etc.), but we've considered other factors alongside taste such as price, so we hope there is a good mix here. Let's get into the guide:

Marks & Spencer Classic All Butter Mince Pies

Regular readers of this blog won't be surprised to see M&S topping this list of best mince pies - we're big fans of their food range and have previously raved about things like their pizza and their curries, and although the mince pies are more of a sweet treat, they're still great. They do have a slightly more expensive range (the slightly pretentiously named "M&S Collection mince pies"), but considering these are a pound cheaper and taste almost exactly as nice as the premium option, we'd opt for these. The ratio of pastry to mincemeat feels very precise and the taste is great, we can't fault them. View them and buy them here -

M&S classic all butter mince pies

Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Mince Pies

The standard mince pies from Sainsbury's are pretty good, but we do have to admit that the Taste the Difference mince pies are a clear level above and for only 50p more than the standard mince pies (we paid £1.75), we think it's a no-brainer. These mince pies are filled with brandy-infused mincemeat, which is delicious and doesn't taste overly alcoholic. We would definitely describe these as melt in the mouth, and if you can get your hands on these (they seem to be selling out quickly) then definitely buy a box or 2. View them here -


Tesco Mince Pies

Like so many Tesco products, we think this box of mince pies looks really underwhelming and a bit flat, but they're actually pretty good. They're pretty small but we paid just over £1 for a box of 6, so they're also one of the cheapest options in this guide. You can probably see from the photo that the actual design of the mince pie out of the box looks a little worse than what it looks like on the front of the box, but the taste is good and we're not too bothered about what our mince pies looks like, we only care if they taste good.

If you have a fussy eater in the house, you might want to avoid some of the "fancier" mince pies such as the brandy-infused option from Sainsbury's, and go for these. Learn more and buy them here -

Tesco mince pies

Favorina Mince Pies

We got these from Lidl and to be honest, in terms of taste they're absolutely fine but nothing to write home about. What really impressed us was the price - about 17p per mince pie, easily the cheapest we found. And considering that these were absolutely fine in our opinion, we think these would be great if you need to buy a lot of mince pies for a large group and you're looking for a safe, tasty option. Learn more here -

Lidl mince pies

Co-op Free From 4 Mince Pies

A bit of a curveball to end the guide! With all of the eating that goes on during the Christmas period, it's nice to feel good about the mince pies you're chomping down between your turkey and your trimmings. These Free From mince pies from the Co-op are made without gluten and without milk, so they're definitely a tiny bit healthier than your standard mince pie. We also think they taste pretty excellent and you wouldn't be able to tell they're missing anything. At 50p per pie they're a little bit expensive, but maybe that's a good thing too as you'll eat fewer of them! View them here -

Co-op free from mince pies

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the above list is evidence that we really did our homework here, and we hope you try one of the above mince pies and love them as much as we do! Remember that even if you don't live near one of the supermarkets we've mentioned above, you can order online which is very useful. Let us know in the comments if you've tried any of these supermarket mince pies!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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