The best shoes (& shoe inserts) for Sever’s Disease – 5 options

Sever's Disease is a complicated condition which can affect children as young as 9 years old. The disease is essentially inflammation of the growth plate of the heel bone, which often occurs when children are going through growth spurts. It seems to particularly affect active kids, which is cruel as the pain can often prevent active kids from playing as much as they'd like to.

Luckily, there are options for kids suffering with Sever's Disease. One of the best things to try is a specialist pair of shoes or shoe inserts, which can help to position the heel in a way which prevents pain and allows for healing. There are lots of options out there, but we thought it would be useful to round up the best shoes we've found for Sever's Disease. Let's get into the guide:

Skechers shoes

The memory foam soles used within Skechers actually make them an excellent choice for any children suffering from Sever's Disease. They're a great option because they look smart but can also be worn when playing. Our only real downside here would be that Skecher's can be expensive, but they do have a clearance section which is usually full of sale options. Explore the Skechers range here - skechers.co.uk

Tuli’s Cheetah Heel Cup

Heel cups probably don't get the reocgnition that they deserve for helping with conditions such as Sever's disease, but they can be a really useful too for conditions like this. They're like a combination between an insole and a wrap, helping to keep the heel support tight to the heel and ensuring it doesn't move as the wearer walks around. We think the Tuli's Cheetah Heel Cup is a great option, learn more about it here - amazon.co.uk

Shugenics arch support insoles

Insoles are often the most convenient option to go for when trying to deal with Sever's disease, particularly if you don't want to buy a new pair of shoes. These arch support insoles from Shugenics are a great option because they're firm but comfortable - made from high density EVA material, the design has a deliberately deeper heel cup to really provide support and stability to the back of the foot. View it here - amazon.co.uk

Everhealth orthotic insoles

Similar to the insoles from Shugenics, these insoles are made from EVA but they also have a smooth layer of velvet fabric on top to keep them breathable, making them ideal for kids who want to stay active while they wear their insoles. They're also lightweight which makes them extra ideal for use in sports shoes. View them here - amazon.co.uk

Ailaka arch support insoles

Heel cushioning is key to combat the effects of Sever's disease, and that's why we're big fans of these arch support insoles from Ailaka. Their durable design and deep U-shaped heel cup is ideal for keeping the heel protected and comfortable, which will reduce inflammation and allow wearers to go about their daily activities without discomfort. They're also good for sports as they're made with breathable materials. Learn more here - amazon.co.uk

Final thoughts

Sever's disease is a complicated condition which unfortunately affects many children during their growth spurt phase. While the above shoes and shoe insoles won't completely cure the disease, they'll go a long way towards making it a lot less painful.

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