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The best Quorn products (in our unprofessional opinion)

Published by Finn Hayden

Quorn is one of the most popular meat alternative brands in the UK, and since its launch in the mid 80s the brand has gone from strength to strength in terms of popularity and taste. We're massive fans of the Quorn products and think that despite all of the new competition on the block, Quorn remains one of the best meat alternative brands out there. Their range includes more than 100 different products, so we thought we'd round up what we believe to be the very best Quorn products that you can buy. Let's get into it:

Quorn cocktail sausages - best for the lunchbox

Cocktail sausages are a picnic staple, and they usually pop up at birthday parties too. The Quorn cocktail sausages are unbelievably good, not only tasting excellent but also containing lots of protein (20g+ per carton) and being low in saturated fat, as with most Quorn products. I would actually go as far as to describe these as dangerously good - the type of thing you'll eat an entire carton of without thinking twice. Also, whisper it quietly - you can very often find a carton of these in the reduced section of a supermarket like Sainsbury's.

Quorn cocktail sausages

Quorn picnic eggs - best for a protein boost

Speaking of picnics, we had to include the picnic eggs from Quorn. These sadly aren't vegan so might not be suitable for all of our readers, but if you're a vegetarian missing the taste of scotch eggs, look no further than the Quorn picnic eggs. You can stick these in the oven if you like to eat them warm, but to be honest we prefer to just eat them straight from the packet. Again, these are ridiculously moreish and although they are a bit more filling than the cocktail sausages, don't be surprised if you still eat the entire packet in one sitting. It's also nice that the eggs used are free-range, and obviously, this also means that these are high in protein too.


Quorn picnic eggs

Quorn mince - best for versatility

This is probably a bit of a controversial inclusion because we know for a fact that many people don't enjoy the taste of the Quorn mince, especially when compared to beef mince. But trust us when we say that as long as you cook the mince well and include lots of other flavours (spices and stock cubes etc.), you can make some seriously delicious meals with this mince. Our go-to is definitely chilli - let the mince simmer away for a few hours with beans, spices and onions/peppers/whatever else you like, and prepare to be blown away by how excellent this mince can taste. Plus, this mince has the benefit of having almost as much protein as beef mince, but with way less fat. Definitely one for those of you who are on a diet but still enjoy a Bolognese. This mince is also the best-tasting we've tried from the meat alternative shelf. So many brands seem to struggle with replicating the texture if beef mince in particular, but the team at Quorn has nailed it.

Quorn mince

Quorn nuggets - best for a taste of the real thing

It is our belief that every student should keep a bag of Quorn nuggets in their freezer for when they get back from a night out. Let's face it, real chicken nuggets are already basically vegetarian (or at least, they're not really chicken) so you might as well just go fully meat-free with these nuggets from Quorn. These taste seriously good and we genuinely think most people wouldn't be able to notice much of a difference between these and the real thing (especially if they were a bit drunk). If we had to choose one Quorn product to try and convert a skeptic, it would be the Quorn nuggets. Pound for pound, they might just be the best Quorn product out there.

Quorn nuggets

We imagine that you are already furiously typing your angry responses to this article, so I'll beat you to the punch - leave a comment letting us know what you believe to be the very best Quorn product and we'll do our best to respond!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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