The Best Portable Dog Washers we’ve found in the UK.

Washing your dog after a long walk can be an absolute nightmare. Especially if they have been swimming running through the mud and kicking themselves in filth. 

What makes matters worse is if you need to put your dog into your car or, as has happened to me, they give themselves a shake in the middle of your hallway. The pain of cleaning muck off the walls and roof is not something I wish to experience again. 

But you’ll be glad to know that you don’t know longer need To stress about taking your dog into the shower or traumatising them with the garden hose. These days you can purchase a portable dog washer which is specifically designed for dogs and four pets.

Today we wanted to run down the best portable dog washes and the most Popular outdoor Portable camping showers. 

Mud Daddy

The Mud Daddy is consistently recognised as the best portable dog washer in the UK. Hands down. They lead the way in innovation. It is was separates the Mud Daddy from the other portable showers in the list.

The company behind Mud Daddy are based in Newcastle and has produced a device which is almost completely silent, does not require electricity and is completely portable. So taking it out in your car for walks, or while camping is very, very simple. 

Also, the unique design of the canister means that it can contain up to 8 L of liquid while taking up a tiny bit of space, and is easy to hold. What’s more, the nozzle has a soft brush which is extra handy when removing clogged dirt in your dog's hair. 

The Mud Daddy is available seemingly everywhere however it is possible to learn more via the mud daddy shop on Amazon UK. 

Check it out on Amazon UK.

Mud Daddy

Kurgo Portable Shower Head

Sometimes Keeping things simple is the best way forward. The Kurgo portable Showerhead takes this principle to a point of perfection. 

While many of the other portable pet washer come equipped with a canister and hose pipe the, Kurgo travel shower is a clever nozzle that can fit in your pocket and be attached to a water bottle, or hose pipe. It means that you can create your own DIY portable dog washer with items easily found around the house or on the campsite. 

This amazing little piece of design can be taken almost anywhere and requires very little set-up. It is perfect for low maintenance dog cleaning. 

To learn more about this product visit Amazon UK where you can pick it up with next-day delivery. 



Based on the reviews from Amazon, the Petacarium portable tank is surely one of the best portable dog washers you can buy in the UK.

Much like the mud daddy, the Petacarium is a portable canister which is almost silent and does not require any electricity - just some elbow grease. 

The canister can hold up to 5 L of water and is equipped with its own detachable strap. So it is possible to hold it with your full focus on cleaning that messy pup, or it can be hung from somewhere up high. 

Once the tank is pressurised and primed, all you need to do is press the button and you have a steady stream of water for a fair bit of time. This is particularly handy for an active dog or washing your boots. 

For more information on the Petacarium visit Amazon UK. 

Petacarium Insulated Portable Shower


Although, a big step down from the Petacarium, in terms of quality, both practically do the same thing

The Delavo is one of the best value portable do washers you can find in the UK. The portable shower is perfect for washing your pet when you’re on the move or camping outdoors. Fitted with a powerful nozzle spray head, the DeLavo can project enough pressure to wash the dirt from your dog or your boots. 

The tank, although smaller than the Mud Daddy is pretty large and can hold up to 5L yet is small enough to be packed away while camping or for travelling in the car. 

This may not be the flashiest portable pet shower but it is certainly one of the best. And for under £20 it is great value - that is for sure.

Check out more information on Amazon UK here


Final thoughts on the best portable dog washers

Hopefully, you have found our post about the best portable dog washers has been helpful ad you find an option that makes life that much easier.

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