The best Moonpig alternatives (Top 5 options)

Despite living in an increasingly digital world, sending each other physical cards on special occasions is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, in the UK we sent more cards than ever during the lockdown period, showing what an important part of life this tradition is.

But while we've been sending cards to each other for hundreds of years now, the way in which we send cards has changed quite a bit.

No longer do you need to head to your local shop to buy a card with a pre-written message inside. Services like Moonpig have made it easier than ever to send cards with amazing levels of personalisation.

However, Moonpig is not the only personalised card company in the UK.

There are loads of Moonpig alternatives out there, some of which you'll definitely have heard of but others which may be new to you. We thought we'd round up the best, let's get into it:


Thortful is similar to Moonpig in many ways, but there is one crucial difference between the 2 platforms and that is who makes the cards.

Moonpig handles all their own designs and the creation of the cards themselves, whereas Thortful works as a sort of online marketplace where a number of creators can sign up and sell their own designs for you to use.

This means you get a really diverse mix of designs and styles which is great, especially if you're stuck for ideas and you don't really know what type of card you want to send. Learn more here -

Thortful card

Funky Pigeon

As far as Moonpig competitors go, Funky Pigeon is probably the best known - the brand advertises pretty regularly on television, and the jingle is quite catchy (not quite as catchy as the Moonpig jingle though).

The Funky Pigeon offering is very similar to the Moonpig offering, with some very slight differences. The main difference that we could see is that Funky Pigeon was ever so slightly cheaper.

Learn more here -

Funky Pigeon


Cardly is a brand that has been around for a while, but has only recently started to grow in popularity as a Moonpig alternative.

It works very similar to Moonpig, but we love the added extras that you get with Cardly. For starters, for anyone who is worried about the environmental impact of sending cards to loved ones, Cardly has committed to planting 5 trees for every 100 cards that they send.

It's a great touch which will help to offset the carbon emissions from the deliveries and from the manufacturing of the cards.

The service also has a number of great features such as the ability to schedule the delivery of cards well in advance.

So if you're one of those people who likes to sit down at the start of the year with a calendar and plan what you're going to get for everyone that year, Cardly is made for you.

It's a great service and a worthy alternative to Moonpig, learn more here -



So far the Moonpig alternatives we've included in this list have been quite safe and the sort of personalised card company you'd buy from if you're sending a card to your Grandma.

But if you're looking for something a bit more edgy, then Scribbler is absolutely where to head. Take a look at the homepage of their website and you'll quickly get a sense of what sort of cards they specialise in - rude, dark, and downright offensive (but always funny).

There are safer options too of course, but that's not why you'd buy from Scribbler. The brand actually has some physical shops too, including a store on Princes St in Edinburgh.

You won't get the same customisation options, but you will get a laugh out of seeing all the rude cards on the shelves.

We love this brand and highly recommend you check them out, learn more here -



We've left TouchNote until last because they're almost better known as a postcard company, but they also do greeting cards and other gifts just like Moonpig.

To date, TouchNote has sent more than 15 million cards and you'll find an impressive 3000+ designs to choose from on their website, so there is something for everyone.

It might not quite have the fun of something like Scribbler, but if you're looking for beautiful designs then look no further.

And like many of the options in this list, there is a TouchNote app which makes choosing and sending cards very easy. Learn more about TouchNote here -


Final thoughts

Sending cards is a lovely thing to do for birthdays and Christmas, but it can be a bit of a nightmare if you have to go out and find the perfect card.

Luckily, Moonpig is available, as are many alternative options as we've highlighted in this guide. Let us know your favourite personalised card company in the comments below!

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