8 lovely low alcohol wines that we’ve sipped & loved

Today, we're diving headfirst into the world of low-alcohol wines. I know, much the party pooper I am.

Now, some of you might be thinking, "what's the point of drinking wine if it's not going to knock me on my ass?" Well, let me tell you, there's more to wine than just the heady mid-afternoon buzz. Low-alcohol wines can pack just as much flavour and complexity as their high-octane counterparts, without leaving you feeling like a drunken sailor.

So, what makes low-alcohol wines worth your time?

Let's be real, nobody likes a hangover. Low-alcohol wines are a sure way (at least a better way) to avoid that dreaded hazy boose-blues day, while still allowing you to indulge in a tasty glass or two.

The real reason they are great is down to the fact that excessive alcohol consumption does health problems. By swapping out your full-fat wine, and opting for a low-alcohol wine, you're not only doing your body a favour, but you're also able to savour the flavours of your favourite grape varietals without worrying (too much) about the consequences.

Lets get into it:

Traces - Low calorie & Low Alcohol Wine

We were lucky enough to enjoy a few bottles of Traces low-calorie and low-alcohol wine. It is fantastic.

You know, I love to drink wine and I know when I get going I drink way too much. Other than the horrible hangover, wine is extremely calorific and isn't kind on this old birds figure.

Thankfully, we all have Traces who sell low-calorie wine which tastes exactly the same as the full-fat alternatives. The brand have red, white and rose wine which are all delicious (and fairly cost-effective)

You can find the full selection via their Amazon UK storefront here.



Barbadillo Vi

Spain isn't as well recognised for it's wines as it should be. They produce some of the finest wines in the world and a lot of people don't even know it.

This is a wine spritz that I came across while travelling but have found it in a number of restaurants in London. It is one of the best tasting low alcohol wines that I have ever tried, and it comes in a perfect portioned bottle.

The wine is sweetened and the alcohol is lowered to 6.5% ABV. Unlike another spritz, this simply tastes like sweet wine and it is amazing.

If you spot it in the UK, I highly recommend that you get some of Barbadillo for a warm summer's day. Delightful!


Low Calorie Wine

Vinho Verde (Pingo Doce)

If you've been to Portugal, or you're going, and you don't know about 'Vinho Verde'? Then you're missing a big trick.

Vinho Verte, translating to green wine, is what the Portuguese drink during late spring and summer mostly because it is younger, refreshing and a great low-alcohol wine. They prefer not to drink a heavy red in the hot weather, but a fine chilled glass of Vinho Verde is unbelievable.

Usually, the wines come in between 6% and 10% AVB and absolutely do not lack in flavour. Unlike Non-alcoholic beer, low-alcohol wine still tastes very much like wine.

This particular example is a £1.50 bottle from Pingo Doce. It is the most expensive on this list because it requires a flight to Portugal. But well, well worth it!

Pingo Doce Vinho Verde (low alcohol)

Hun Rose Bubbles

Wine in a can usually doesn't do it for me, but the Hun Rose bubbles is only 5.5% alcohol. Now that is low.

In fairness the flavour was really nice and would actually be fantastic with some ice in a nice glass (sorry!) - you can delete my number Hun.

It seems that Hun is a beverage company from London that is focusing on selling wines in a can, and with interesting flavours. Similar to a gin spritzer can you could say.

The brand do not currently have anything to sell online, but I picked this can up in Tescos.

For more information about Hun, you can find them here:




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LDN Spritz (by LDNCRU)

Another low-calorie and low-alcohol wine in a can - this time by LDN CRU. They are a wine company that produce some outstanding English wines. They do have a full range of full alcohol wines, but we are turning our attention to their Spritz which is 5.5% alcohol and only 95 calories per can.

The spritz is super light, refreshing and sweet. It is ideal for a warm summer's day in the garden and served with lots of ice (you see a trend here with the way I enjoy these spritzers).

I picked mine up in Sainsbury's but you can find our all the information you need about the company, and this spritz, via their website right here:

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Pinotpinot Pinot Grigio Spritzer

It isn't quite a wine, but a great low-alcohol wine alternative if you're in the mood for the flavour of wine, just not the heavy alcohol content.

The Pinotpinot cans are delicious if you serve them with lots of ice in a large wine glass. Each can contain 100mls of a wine spritzer coming in at 5.5% alcohol volume.

My favourite is the pink Pinot Grigio which has a lovely soft, sweet flavour and is made with Hungarian wine. It is the first time I have had Hungarian wine but I loved it.

You can find the Pinotpinot range in Sainsbury's or online here.




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Odd Bird

I've been called an odd bird too. I wear my socks high and have a similar look after I get out of the bath. What I am saying is that I love the design and branding of this alcohol-free wine.

This is hte world’s first low-intervention red wine which contains 0% alcohol. It is micro-vinified in barriques and tonneaux in Breganze which is a town in the Veneto region of Italy.

The wine is made from a blend of Merlot & Pinot Noir which creates really lovely tones of dark berries, blueberry, and cherry with an earthy woodiness that you expect from the aftertaste of a nice red wine.

This is a great alternative to wine and goes a long way to satisfy the Friday night craving without the alcohol.

More information about this wine, and the other wines Odd Bird offer via their website:



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Low Alcohol Sauvignon Blanc - Tescos

Tescos has a pretty good wine selection, including those that are low in alcohol.

This particular wine is a Sauvignon Blanc and has an alcohol content of less than 0.5% which makes it very close to being alcohol-free. Each 125ml of wine is only 39 calories - that is nearly 3 times less than the average calories for a full alcohol wine.

Although the alcohol contents of this wine is extremely low, the taste isn't quite right. There are a few reviews online that aren't very encouraging, and while it was fine, it didn't quite quench the friday feeling that a glass of wine can give you. And for £3.50, it is quite expensive.

Regardless, if you want to try some of the wine, then you can find it in Tesocs stores, or online here:



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