The best hoodless onesies you can buy in the UK (Top 4)

Onesies have been a must-have fashion item for years, and alternatives like Oodies have exploded in popularity in recent years. However, one thing that we noticed about most of the onesies we found online was that they had hoods on them. This is great for people who want to cover themselves from top to bottom with their onesie, but not ideal for anyone who finds hoods uncomfortable or finds that they get in the way. Although most onesies on sale come with a hood, we found a number of hoodless onesies out there which you can buy, here are the best:

Boohoo 'It's coming home' onesie

Price: £6

Aside from having a design which has aged like milk, this hoodless onesie from Boohoo is actually really cool. Available in either red or green and in sizes from 6 to 16, the product is comfortable and well made, plus it's extremely well priced because...well, we don't have to explain why. We imagine you'll mostly be wearing this onesie around the house anyway, so why not pick up a bargain? View this item and the rest of the hoodless onesies from Boohoo here -


hush Elle V-Neck Onesie by John Lewis

Price: £69

On the complete opposite end of the price-scale from the Boohoo onesie is this onesie from John Lewis, but we'd also argue that it's a lot more classy than the item from Boohoo too. Available in 2 colours (either Grey Marl or Midnight Navy), and made from 78% viscose ( a material very similar to silk), this item oozes quality and is very comfortable. You don't have a hood so it almost feels more like a jumpsuit, but it definitely has the comfort and loungewear feel of a onesie. View this item here -

John Lewis onesie

Disney’s Lilo & Stitch Onesie from Primark

Price: £18

Whatever you think of Primark, there is no denying that they've got an excellent range of onesies, and it is great to see a few hoodless options too. This Lilo & Stitch onesie is available in sizes from Extra Small to Extra Large, so it can be worn by all ages and can be worn by men and kids as well as women. Rather than a hood, it has a turtleneck neckline and a simple zip up the front. View the product here -


PrettyLittleThing HoHoHo print onesie

Price: £20

This onesie from PrettyLittleThing is very similar in design and price to the onesie from Boohoo, and is one of the only onesies in the PrettyLittleThing range which comes without a hood. Available in sizes from Extra Small to Large and with a figure-hugging fit, this is a simple and straightforward onesie which is ideal for Christmas. View it here -


Hopefully, this guide has shown you that there are quite a few hoodless onesie options out there, mostly for women but also for kids and even men too. Let us know in the comments what you think of these products and if you have any others you'd like us to include!

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