The Best Coffee Shops in Harrogate (Our Honest Thoughts)

Harrogate, if you didn't already know, is a beautiful town in the heart of North Yorkshire. It is a spa town that not only has amazing gardens and green spaces, but elegant Victorian architecture, and spa resorts and it is rich in all kinds of UK history, dating back to the 16th century. There are so many reasons to visit Harrogate, but one that keeps me coming back year after year is the coffee shops.

Yes, believe it or not, Harrogate is not only famous for its valley gardens, but it's numerous coffee shops and tea houses. You can get some of the most lovely cups of coffee, tea and cakes, and (my favourite) brunch.

So, let's have a look at the best coffee shops in Harrogate, and where we recommend you get your caffeine fix sorted.

Hoxton North

Hoxton North is one of the best speciality coffee shops and best spots for brunch - it is so adored that it is one of the highest-rated cafes in Harrogate on Trip Advisor.

The coffee shop/ cafe was established in 2013 to represent seasonally inspired food, with an influence from across the globe.

They brought fresh artisanal coffee roasting and amazing foodie delights from their time in London, back to Harrogate, where they keep locals and tourists very happy indeed.

Whether you're into some brunch or want a handmade coffee with a homemade cake, if you're around, make Huxton North one of your first choices.


Artizan Cafe & Creative Space

Although you'll struggle to find this coffee shop on the main review sites, this is a local hidden gem that you'll know if you're from Harrogate.

The beauty of this particular coffee shop is that it is a cafe that supports differently-abled people and gives them a space to learn new skills and interact with the public. As well as being a creative space.

The Cafe was inspired by a similar cafe set up by Susie Hart MBE, who established a restaurant in Tanzania (a place we know a lot about - this link is to our coffee guide), which was staffed by differently-able chefs, waiters and waitresses. It enabled them to raise themselves out from poverty and learn new skills.

The atmosphere in the shop we very calm and peaceful, and the coffee was so good that I got two.

You can find the coffee shop on Cambridge street in the heart of Harrogate, and more about their mission here:



By the line out of the door, you know that Baltzersen's is a great place for a coffee, a home-baked cake or brunch.

Although it can be quite pricey, the quality and care given to each of the food options and coffee makes Baltzersen's one of the best coffee shop choices you'll find in Harrogate. It is extremely popular and the queue is sometimes as long as the outdoor area.

Situated on Oxford street (across from the Mcdonald's) makes this central cafe a perfect short stop while exploring the town and is only a very short walk from some of Harrogate's biggest tourist attractions.

Of all the places you could go, Baltzersen's is a very safe bet for a great coffee, and great food!

Everything you need to know, is right here on their website:


Betty's Tea Rooms

This is maybe the most famous, and oldest coffee shop is Betty's Tea Room.

It was established in 1909 by Fritz Bützer, who started his chocolate and confectionary business on Cambridge crescent. These days there are a chain of Betty's tea rooms but their most visited store is still the huge rooms on the corner of Parlement Square in Harrogate.

If you haven't booked, it is best to get there early or put up with a wait at the door, as this is an extremely popular destination for tourists or those having a birthday treat/ celebration.

My personal opinion is that the coffee and cakes are fine, and way above average, but not the best coffee shop in Harrogate. It is, however, a fantastic place for an occasion. To soak up the history and relive the regal life of those who lived 100 years before us.

All the info you need is right here:


Starling Coffee Shop

Established in 2017, Starling has quickly become one of the best coffee shops in Harrogate. Mainly because they do so much more than coffee.

Starling really isn't just a coffee shop, but a great place for brunch or to drop in and have a sweet snack, or a cocktail if you must. The focus of Starling is not only offering speciality coffee but locally brewed craft beer, exquisite spirit cocktails and seasonal, homemade food.

They are pretty much a one-stop shop if you're in town and need a morning coffee and bacon roll, all the way down to a liquid lunch.

The rating of the venue is also extremely impressive, with a 4.6 rating on google from over 900 reviews. That, is fantastic!

You can learn more about them by visiting their website:


Mama Doreen's

If you're in the mood for fresh cakes, muffins or a light brunch, then the best coffee shop to go to in Harrogate is Mama Doreen's Their focus is baked goods which are - outstanding. Whether you be in the mood for a cupcake, an actual cake or a macaron, they have a huge colourful selection to choose from.

The coffee shop is cosy, inviting and generally has a great atmosphere. There are usually a few groups and the place can get quite busy: which is a great thing.

To top it all off, the coffee is pretty good too, but this is almost certainly a place to go for the best afternoon tea's you'll find in Harrogate. It is absolutely worth the trip.

Learn more about everything they do right here:


Cafe Nomad Deli

The Nomad Cafe and Deli is smack bang in the heart of Harrogate and offers one of the best value-for-money brunches in the town centre.

The cafe offers a mixture of timeless brunch classics, cakes and sweet treats, and a long list of delicious dishes inspired by Middle Eastern and North African cuisine (potentially Morroccan and Turkish food).

While the coffee here was great, the real stand out (and must-get) is the spiced tea. It is served in a traditional tea pot in decorated glasses. It really took me back to my travelling days in Fez - both how it looked and how it tasted. The sweet, minty goodness is amazing with a slice of pistachio baklava.

If you're in the mood for something completely different and want to travel the world with your taste buds, then Nomad Cafe is the place you want to be!

Check them out via their tripadvisor profile:



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