The Best Coffee Pod Holders You Can Buy in the UK (for Tassimo, Nespresso and Dolce Gusto)

Recently, we wrote an article about the best Coffee pods that you can buy in the UK, and now the house is literally covered in coffee pods of all shapes and sizes. I tried to stuff them in a draw, back into their boxes and ended up leaving them piled up on the kitchen counter. 

It really got me thinking that I needed a place to store them that was convenient, gave me easy access to them and allowed me to survey my selection so I could pick what I fancied that morning. That is when we went on the hunt for the best Nespresso and coffee pod holders we could find. 

So, after some research, testing and imagination we have a selection of them here. 

VACANON Metal Coffee Pods Holder - perfect for Tassimo, Nespresso and Dolce Gusto

Ok, let's start with something very simple. It may seem a little too simple for some, but this is an easy solution to the loose pod problem.

The Vacation coffee pod holder is simply a bowl with a metal frame. The bowl is the perfect size and design to hold your coffee pods in one place, and you can easily see the selection inside. It holds loads of pods so if you're fully stocked up then that isn't a problem.

Whether you have different brands of coffee pods (that are different shapes and sizes) matters not.

It is simple, cheap and does the job. Check it out on Amazon UK

Coffee Pod Holder

Peak Coffee Capsules - Best Tassimo Pod Holder

The Tassimo pods are some of the only ones that do not fit most pod holders. Their thin disk design makes them too large for some and it is difficult to fit. 

The people at peak coffee have produced something that saves space, and has a clever and ergonomically designed Tassimo coffee pod holder. 

The holder is designed like a little coffee table, with a draw that can hold your tassimo pods. You can line them up in 4 rows and have 4 different flavours in a convenient place, that doesn't take any more space than it needs to.

So, if you have a Tassimo machine, consider this pod holder on Amazon UK.



Tassimo coffee pod holder

Best Nespresso Pod Holder - Flagship Coffee

While Nespresso coffee pods are easy to hide away in the cupboard there is something lovely about having the colours out on display.

The flagship coffee holder is a metal and plastic upright coffee pod holder that can easily slip in beside your Nespresso machine, or sit happily on your countertop.It is easy to set up, fairly robust and doesn't take up too much space at all.

The whole works by having several shoots which hold the Nespresso pods in place which means you can place multiple flavours in different wrongs, and easily pick out the one you choose for that particular morning.

You can find out more information about the flagship coffee pot holder, and purchase the products on Amazon UK.


Nespresso Pod Holder

Best Dolce Gusto Pod Holder - Flagship Coffee

This coffee pod holder is suitable for pretty much any coffee pod, however, we believe this is the best for the Dolce Gusto range.

What separates this pot holder from the others is its sheer size.

The holder has 12 individual rows, on two layers, which means the holder can easily hold up to 72 pods. Individual row makes it easy to separate your flavours and to be refilled.

It is also fitted with a shockproof panel where you can place your coffee pod machine and keep everything in one, neat and tidy place.

You can find out more information about the flagship coffee pot holder, and purchase the products on Amazon UK.


Double Storage Pod

Wall mounted pod holders

And finally, if you wish to make your own coffee pod holder, then it is possible to purchase wall-mounted strips which hold the coffee pods into place.

While the solution may be significantly more fiddly than the other coffee pot holders in this list, and subject to a messy finish if you're not so handy, it gives users the opportunity to place their coffee pods where makes the most sense to them.

There isn't much more to say about these wall strips so check out all the information you need on Amazon UK.


Coffee wall mounts

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