Sustainable product guide – best picks for 2022

If we've learned anything from the past 2 years, it is that humans are generally doing a lot of harm to the planet. Luckily more people than ever are taking sustainability seriously, and there are lots of brands offering incredible products which have been manufactured in a sustainable manner. We wanted to highlight our favourites, let's get into it:

Delphis Eco - best for sustainable and effective green cleaning products

It's getting easier than ever to buy sustainable and eco-friendly products across a range of categories, however, we'd always felt that there was a real lack of quality eco-friendly cleaning products - until we found Delphis Eco. Not only are their products made in a sustainable way (plant-based, phosphate-free, and made from recycled plastic), they also really work. What makes these cleaning products different from so many of the weaker eco options out there is that they're made with ingredients which still provide a deep clean, just without harming the planet.

We're seriously impressed with the Delphis Eco range and if you're serious about keeping a clean and green home or business, check their range out here -


Yala Jewellery - best for beautiful jewellery that won't hurt the Earth

There are lots of jewellery brands out there, but very few actually get into the nitty-gritty of how their products are made. With some of the bigger UK brands, it is near impossible to figure out how they make their products, and we think this is a problem. This is what makes Yala so refreshingly different - they have nothing to hide and outline how they make everything (and who makes them) in detail on their website. They're committed to sustainable practices too, with an entire section on their website detailing what materials they use (and what makes them sustainable), plus their approach with packaging and how they offset the carbon emitted from deliveries. It's an impressive and admirable approach, but what is even more impressive is they manage to balance all this with also producing genuinely beautiful products.

We have nothing but good words to say about this brand, you can explore the full range here -


This is Unfolded - best for sustainable & fashionable clothing

We're in 2022, and the fast fashion industry is still alive and well - this is an absolute travesty. Not only do many of the large fast fashion brands rely on slave labour to create garments, but the industry is responsible for a huge amount of waste and damage to our Earth. That's why we get so excited about brands like This is Unfolded. Not only are they producing beautiful clothing, they're also doing it in a sustainable and ethical manner. Every garment is made to order, so there is no warehouse sat full of clothes that will never be sold and will eventually end up in a landfill. Plus, the brand offset their carbon emissions and money from every purchase goes towards supporting a child in education in their factory’s local community. There is nothing not to love here, they've ticked every box.

If you'd like to explore their full range of fantastic clothing plus learn more about their impressive sustainability commitments, head here - 


Isabel Manns - best for stylish clothes you can use in different ways

Part of what often makes fashion so bad for the planet is the perceived need to constantly be wearing something new and different. Although we think this is slightly ridiculous and that more should be done to try and discourage this, but this is just the way things are. A great way to continue having a fresh look without needing to constantly buy new items is to buy reversible clothing, i.e clothing that can be worn in different ways. Our favourite brand creating beautiful reversible clothing is Isabel Manns - all of their clothing is made to order and all of the prints are hand-painted by Isabel herself. The range is really impressive and inspiring, for example, the kimono pictured here can be worn as a dress, jacket, or cardigan.

If you're looking for clothing that will reduce waste but still look amazing, definitely check out the range from Isabel Manns. Their Trustpilot is here and you can explore the full range of reversible items here -

Isabel Manns reversible dress

Projekt Glitter - best for sustainable sparkling fun

Just about any occasion can be improved with the addition of glitter. One issue is that glitter can often be really poorly made and really bad for the environment - this is what makes Projekt Glitter such a great choice. Most glitter is made from plastic, but Projekt Glitter use Modified Regenerated Cellulose, which is biodegradable and biodegrades in heat, water, oxygen & micro-organisms. This not only makes their glitter safe for the environment, but it also means it's totally safe for your skin and can be used all over your body without worry.

Explore their full range of glitter (including kits), plus check out their new Zodiac Glitter collection (12 biodegradable blends based on the 12 signs of the zodiac) here -


Kalabash - best for clean Caribbean inspired gifts

Gift sets are a great idea, and we absolutely love the options from Kalabash. Everything they sell - from soap to candles - is handmade and inspired by the Caribbean. Plus, it's all made sustainably and with the planet in mind. For example, their soap is palm-free and handcrafted using the Cold Process soapmaking method. No chemical rubbish in any of these products!

You can explore the full range of gift sets from Kalabash here -


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