Sun Salutations – Start your yoga practices with these poses


Yoga can seem simple from an outsider's perspective, but there is actually quite a lot to learn if you want to enjoy the full Yoga experience. For example, Sun Salutations are something that casual Yoga enthusiasts might not be too familiar with, but purists will insist that they are a key aspect of the practice. We wanted to outline what Sun Salutations are and why you should be incorporating them in your Yoga routine, let's get into it:

What is a Sun Salutation Yoga pose?

Sun Salutations (also known as Surya Namaskar, Surya meaning sun and Namaskar meaning to bow down) are a sequence of poses that are usually performed at the start of a Hatha or Vinyasa flow session. They're typically used to condition the body and mind before a session.
The idea is that they help yogis to disconnect from any distractions floating around their heads and get focused and relaxed ahead of their practice.
They also help to naturally energise you as you honor the energy of the sun.
There are 2 main poses that are performed, usually referred to as A and B, which we will break down.

How do you do Sun Salutation Yoga pose A?

This is the best pose to start with if you're a beginner, and this video provides a really nice breakdown of what is involved. The idea is to begin and finish in mountain pose, with planks and squats between.

How do you do Sun Salutation Yoga pose B?

This is definitely more challenging than pose A, but still starts and ends in a mountain pose and follows a very similar pattern. This video provides a great breakdown of what is involved.

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