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Start 2022 right with these great healthy products

The last couple of years have been stressful for everyone, but we hope that 2022 will be the start of something better. There are loads of products and services out there which claim to be great for your health and wellness, but we wanted to round up a few of our favourites for you to give a shot. Let's get into it:

Borna Foods plant-based milk - Best for a pistachio pick-me-up

2022 will be the year of milk alternatives, and our number 1 pick for this would be the pistachio drink from Borna Foods. The entire Borna Foods range is nut-based and delicious, but we've singled out their seriously impressive pistachio drink. Pistachios are seriously underrated for use in milk alternative drinks, and we think the drink from Borna Foods is the best option out there. Not only is it delicious, but it's also higher in protein than most milk alternative drinks, plus it's low in fat and really easy to digest.

Check out this great milk alternative here -


HumaniTea - Best tea for 2022

Sometimes you need a little buzz to get you through the day, but it can so often go wrong with energy drinks and coffee. It's very easy to consume too much and find yourself crashing within hours. This is why we love HumaniTea - made with real tea and low in sugar, a can of this vegan tea latte is the ideal morning companion. Not only do they taste delicious, but they're also totally vegan, made from ethically sourced ingredients, and made in the UK. Flavours include Matcha Oat Milk Green Tea and Earl Grey Oat Milk, and they're best served chilled.

Start January 2022 on a positive note by grabbing yourself a 12 pack of each flavour here -


Easy Jose - Best for a decaf daily brew

More people working from home has led many people to consume more coffee than usual, and as it looks like WFH will continue into 2022 it's important that you have a delicious decaf option in the house too so you don't overdose on caffeine. Our absolute favourite is definitely the decaf option from Easy Jose - this delicious coffee is from Pichanaki in the highlands of central Peru, and includes notes of cocoa and hazelnut. The coffee is decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process, which is an environmentally friendly, chemical-free process that retains the taste of the coffee.

Not only do we love this coffee, but we also love what this brand stands for. They work closely with indigenous communities to help them grow coffee sustainably and without harming their home. Learn more about this excellent coffee here - 


Moose Maple Butter - Best for beneficial British butter

2022 shouldn't just be about upgrading products you already use every day, it should be about introducing new products into your routines too. We're massive fans of Moose Maple Butter, a UK-based brand that has combined the benefits of proper maple syrup and proper British butter to create a truly excellent product. Most spreads that you might like to include with breakfast tend to be packed with artificial ingredients and refined sugars, but Moose Maple Butter is different - the sweetness from the maple syrup is natural, and the saltiness is from a pinch of sea salt and the natural taste of the butter (from British cows of course).

Learn more about this amazing product here -


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