St Andrews – Our favourite things to see and do (2022 Guide)


Fife is a place with an interesting mix of towns and villages, and some of the most interesting and beautiful parts of the county can be found in the town of St. Andrews. Known globally for its excellent university and golf course, this town has a reputation unlike any other town in Scotland. We wanted to highlight some of our favourite things to do and see in St. Andrews, with a focus on 2022. Hopefully you enjoy our list, let's get into it:

St Andrews Old Course 

We couldn't produce a guide about St. Andrews without mentioning the Old Course - often referred to as 'the Old Lady', this course is known around the world and is considered to be one of the most iconic golf courses in the world. It's also probably the oldest golf course in the world, with many records showing that the course was established in the 16th century.
If you want to play a round of golf at this course during your visit, you'll want to try and book ahead. You should also expect to pay somewhere in the region of £250 depending on the size of your party. More information here.

St Andrews Cathedral

Although only the remains of the cathedral can be explored, St. Andrews Cathedral is one of the highlights of the town. Owned by Historic Scotland, this was Scotland’s largest medieval church and is seriously impressive to explore. What we love about the cathedral is that it is close to the sea, so as you explore you can feel the sea breeze. Although it is just remains, much of it is still standing including the enclosure walls, which are the most complete in the whole of the country. All of this is so incredible when you consider that the site had been used for worship since at least the 700s.
Find more information about visiting the cathedral here -

West Sands Beach

There are lots of excellent locations in St. Andrews which require payment to use, but if your idea of fun is strolling down a beach then look no further than West Sands. It's only 15 minutes walk away from the centre, but you can totally lose yourself in the tranquil sounds of the waves if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the town. The beach is also well known for featuring in the opening scenes of the film Chariots of Fire, so if you're a film buff then you can recreate the scene.
Read what visitors thought of the beach here -

Eden Mill

Eden Mill is an alcohol brand from St. Andrews that has developed a massive following. Visiting their distillery has become a must-do when visiting St. Andrews, and it's currently one of the top-rated St. Andrews locations on Tripadvisor. You can join a tour and sample all of the drinks they offer over the course of an hour session, which is a great way to end (or start, if you're feeling adventurous) your trip in St. Andrews.
For more information visit their website here

St. Andrews University

Despite St. Andrews being a relatively small place, it has a real student vibe and youthful buzz. This is mostly due to the presence of the University, which attracts students from around the world. The university is actually the 3rd oldest in the English-speaking world, only behind Cambridge and Oxford. So if you're looking for a university town which has a great combination of modern attractions and historical importance, you can't get much better than St. Andrews.
Learn more about the university here -

Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden in St. Andrews is often overlooked in favour of other attractions, but we highly recommend you give it a visit. At 18 acres in size there is plenty to see, and you'll find more than 8000 species of native and exotic plants in the gardens. You can also take a look at the wildlife in the ponds and the rockery. If your idea of peace is being surrounded by nature then definitely check out the botanic gardens.
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