Some Cheaper Warhammer (Games Workshop) Alternatives

Anybody who has ever played Warhammer will 100% have something negative to say about Games Workshop. I know for a fact myself that I hate them more and more every time I see the prices go up, and up.

Whether you're sick of the constant rule changes, interest bait and scammy economics of the company, you may be looking to get your plastic crack fix elsewhere. There are a few games out there where you can make models, paint them and play without burning a huge hole in your back pocket.

So, it got me thinking - are there any cheaper alternatives to Warhammer, or Games Workshop?



Manic Games

Manic Models are by far one of the best Warhammer alternatives out there and the community surrounding the game is still growing. The company started as a small group of hobby enthusiasts who created a range of games including (Deadzone, Kings of War and Warpath).

There is something for all Warhammer fans - whether you play fantasy or 40K, the range of game and models from Manic have something for everybody.

The prices for the models are reasonable too. You're looking at about £30 for a playing set.

You can find their website here: www.manticgames.com, and purchase with next-day delivery here.


A 3d Printer

Ok, this may seem like a bit of a meme inclusion but the fact is, a 3D printer may actually be a much cheaper alternative to Game Workshop/ Forgeworld models.

If you're serious about collecting Games Workshop models then you must have a plastic army that is worth as much as a house, and you're a little bit stuck with what the organisation choose to put out.

A 3D printer's start-up cost is high, but if you consider that you will be printing off models for pennies, you can download a whole range of unique designs - or your own.

You can pick expensive 3D printers, and cheap ones, here. And you can get the model resin, here.



Infinity is one of many miniature games created by Corvus Belli. It is a game that uses 28mm metal miniatures where the player can ac through black ops scenarios using sci-fi technology.

The rules are innovative, dynamic and engaging on every level. I have found that there is little standing around arguing about one rule or another with an out-of-date codex.

The sheer variety of characters and models is just as impressive as Warhammer but much cheaper; the model in the image here is just £12.

You can find them here: store.corvusbelli.com


 A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game

If you like Warhammer fantasy, then you're very likely to have loved the Game of Thrones series (of novels, or the TV show).

It is possible to play out the story in your own way with the huge range of Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures.

Whether you wish to play the noble starks, or pay all your debts as a Lannister, the choice is yours.

You can find many of the models here. 


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