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SimplyCook review – Our honest thoughts on this recipe box service


Published by Finn Hayden

Everybody wants to eat better and healthier, but the number 1 reason why most people will resort to takeaways and ready meals is lack of time. It just feels so much easier to order food on an app or bung something in the microwave instead of chopping up veggies and actually having to cook something.

However, meal kit delivery companies have completely changed this. Now there is no excuse to not eat healthy, interesting things for dinner - companies like Hellofresh and Gousto will deliver meal kits to your order which have almost eveything you need to make a delicious, healthy meal. And it can be quick too - sometimes even faster than the time it takes to order a takeaway online.

Simplycook is a meal kit subscription company which isn't quite as well known as the likes of Hellofresh or Gousto (if you want to know our thoughts on those 2 we did a comparison review), but we've seen the brand steadily growing in popularity. We wanted to see what SimplyCook is like, so we decided to subscribe to the service so we could serve up a review. We'll be looking at everything from our customer service experience to the quality of the meals and recipes, let's get into the review:

Quick summary: the SimplyCook recipes all took under 30 minutes to complete and were easy to prepare, but we just wish there was more choice. Also, although we liked the consistency of having 3 pots for each recipe, we felt the pots themselves were really fiddly and annoying to open.

Now let's get into the full review:

What are the SimplyCook recipes like?

We tried 4 different recipes from SimplyCook, but you can choose from over 140 at the moment. This is way less than HelloFresh, which offers more than 2500 recipes, but the real appeal of SimplyCook is supposedly how simple the recipes are to follow, as the name of the brand suggests. And to be honest, we would say that the SimplyCook recipes are simple to follow - no recipe should take more than 30 minutes according to the team at SimplyCook. Of the 4 recipes that we tried, none of them took more than 30 minutes, but a couple of them did take a bit longer than we expected.

SimplyCook recipes

In terms of what you're required to do to prepare the recipes, the most complicated thing that we were asked to do for a recipe that we tried was to finely chop an onion. That is actually quite an advanced skill as it requires a proper knife and a steady hand.

We were pretty happy with this curry that we made from a SimplyCook recipe kit, we think it looks tasty but it doesn't really look like the picture on the recipe card!

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-12 at 17.08.29

What does SimplyCook send you?

What we like about every SimplyCook recipe is that each of them gives you 3 different pots to use to complete the recipe. We like this for a number of reasons - for starters because every recipe requires you to use 3 pots, you'll always have pretty much the same steps to follow for every SimplyCook recipe. This is really useful if you're following the recipe in a rush because you know that you have to add 3 pots every time. This isn't something that HelloFresh or Gousto offers, so in our opinion that's a huge positive of SimplyCook.

SimplyCook pots

We have to admit though, the pots were a bit annoying to open and we found them to be too fiddly to open with using just our hands, so we had to use a knife. This was annoying because if you're following the recipe step by step, you might not realise that you need to add one of the SimplyCook pots until you've reached that part in the recipe, and sometimes you need to add them quickly. So we feel that being able to open up the pots quickly is crucial, and sadly that wasn't the case for us.

SimplyCook pots


One of the big reasons why SimplyCook has managed to grab a sizeable chunk of the recipe box delivery market is because of how cheap it is, and we have to say that we were impressed by the price of SimplyCook compared to HelloFresh and Gousto. Currently (January 2024), HelloFresh claims that their prices will be as low as £3.15 per person if you choose the cheapest recipes that they offer. SimplyCook can be as low as £3 per person, which might not sound like a huge difference, but if you're getting 4 recipes per week for 4 people, it adds up across the year.

Final thoughts

Although we were pretty impressed with how quick the SimplyCook recipes were to make, we don't think it was especially faster than any recipes we tried from HelloFresh, and we think it's worth paying the extra 15p per person for the variety that HelloFresh gives you compared to SimplyCook.

What do you think of SimplyCook? If you've tried this service then let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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