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Sharp’s Doom Bar Non Alcoholic Beer – Our Review

We’ve tried a very wide selection of non-alcoholic beers over the years, and we’ve never come across anything quite like Sharp’s Doom Bar Non-Alcoholic Beer in our life. Sadly, not in a good way. It may need to be reformulated as there are multiple reviews on Amazon UK which agree with our own experience.

So, let us get into the review and talk about why this wasn’t the beer for us.


Who are Sharps?

If you’re a rugby fan, you’ll already have seen Doom Bar amber ale. It is the flagship ale from Sharp’s brewery on the north Cornish coast. They know how to make beer down there!

We’ve previously enjoyed Doom Bar in Wetherspoons, where it is regularly a guest ale. The brewery has a few beers to choose from including the Offshore Pilsner, Atlantic Pale ale,  Sea Fury special ale, Wold Pack Red IPA and Doom Bar. Each offers something very interesting and I’m looking forward to trying them all out.

It was not until recently had we tried the non-alcoholic version of Doom Bar ale and, like many alcohol-free alternatives, it just quite didn’t hit the spot.

We found the non-alcoholic doom bar in Sainsbury’s but it is also available on amazon UK.


The Beer

Firstly, the beer was sat in the fridge for at least an hour before it was drunk, so we can’t say it wasn’t cold enough to be enjoyed. That is often a common issue with non-alcoholic beers and we’ve become used to getting the beer as cold as possible before drinking.

Upfront, the beer has a very classic, strong ale body on the nose. It is robust, and malty, and there is a bitterness that comes through towards the end from the hops and toasted malt. While the beer was smooth and had a nice bold hoppy flavour initially, there is a very strange aftertaste from the beer. Usually, a full alcoholic beer has a bite at the end, and the non-alcoholics can be almost watery. But this was something else entirely.

It was almost a chemically, fishy flavour that stuck at the back of the throat. It was so unnerving that I couldn’t bring myself to finish the beer. It was sadly washed down the sink. It was so disappointing because I have enjoyed the full-alcohol Doom Bar previously.

I looked around to see if anybody else had the same issues as me, and I wasn’t alone. Most of the poor reviews left on Amazon UK reference a strange, chemically aftertaste. One said it was like ‘washing up liquid’ and others aren’t worth repeating.

The beer should have a ‘spicy resinous hop, sweet roasted malt top’ aroma- I would agree with that true. A ‘Balanced dried fruit, lightly roasted malt’ for the flavour -which is completely off the mark in my opinion. No fruits were tasted here. And the finish a moreish, subtle bitterness. Sorry, not for me.

As much as it pains me to write this, this is potentially one of the worst non alcoholic beers I have tasted, and I am saying that after really enjoying the full alcoholic version. I really hope the zero-alcohol recipe is tweaked.

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