Seashell Robe Review – Putting this changing robe through its paces at Whitesands Bay

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Published by Finn Hayden

We've reviewed a number of excellent dryrobe alternatives - and if you've checked out that guide then you'll see there are quite a few options out there. This Seashell changing robe is the first that we've written up a full review of, and with good reason! It is listed on Amazon with great reviews

We took this changing robe to Whitesands Beach, between Dunbar and Berwickshire. This is a quiet beach where we knew we'd get plenty of chance to try the product out in peace without getting heckled at for our makeshift fashion shoot.


We'll be looking at every aspect of this changing robe in detail, let's get into the review:

How did we test the Seashell changing robe?

We definitely put the Seashell changing robe through its paces  - we jumped about the sea for a bit (trying desperately to look cool and composed), then ran out and put the robe on immediately, without using a towel to dry beforehand and without putting on any additional clothing. We were only wearing a pair of swimming trunks, and the water was about 11°C, so we needed to warm up fast. We then stood in the robe for about 20 minutes without moving around at all, which is harder than it sounds. We noticed pretty immediately that we started to warm up, especially once we put the hood up.

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What features does the changing robe have?

Aside from the fleece lining, the main features of the robe are the deep pockets inside and the zip pockets on the outside, which are really handy. I had a 500ml bottle of Irn-Bru in my inside pocket (other orange-coloured drink brands are available) which fit fully in and was a nice little treat when I got out of the water (although to be honest, all I could taste was salt and sand). The hood is also great and slightly oversized which really helps you to warm up.
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We were also really impressed by the sturdy zip on the front of the changing robe - this zipped all the way up and was great for keeping you extra warm. Plus, the zip pockets at the front were fleece lined too.

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What about sizes?

We got a Large/Extra Large size, which is the biggest size currently offered by Seashell. This was mainly because I'm quite tall at 6ft 5, but my partner (who is 5ft 4) was able to wear the robe comfortably and although it definitely had an "oversized look" (pictured below), it still worked to keep her warm and by no means looked ridiculous.
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Anything else to mention?

Firstly, we thought the robe looked really cool! We actually had a couple approach us and ask us about it which was nice.


I also really appreciated the additional materials which came with the order, including a guide to the benefits of cold water training which definitely motivated me to get into the sea.


Lastly, despite putting the robe on as soon as I got out of the water and despite being worried about getting my new changing robe soaking wet and covered in sand, the robe dried really quickly and actually didn't even need to be washed (just a shake outside did the job). We've got it hanging up in the house and there is zero smell of the sea which is really impressive.
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Final thoughts

Often it isn't until you try a product that you realise how excellent it is - many beachgoers might wonder what more a changing robe does compared to a quick towel down and a runaround on the sand. But trust us,  changing robes are worth it, and the Seashell changing robe is definitely the best we've tried so far. Get yours from Amazon here -

If you want to read something similar, we published a guide outlining why we think the dryrobe is worth buying.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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