A List of Edinburgh Rugby Teams & How To Join Them

This blog uses a lot of writers from all over the place, and one of our close friends moved to Edinburgh this month to start a master's course at University in Scotland. They asked me (who lives about 30 miles from Edinburgh) if I knew of any local Edinburgh Rugby Clubs that they could join (or at least what I recommended).

I didn't have an answer, and a quick Google search didn't us help either. We even tried on the Scottish Rugby Website, which didn't seem to work.

So, I've done some research and I am writing this post to help anybody in the same situation. What Edinburgh Rugby Club are there, and how to join them!


Our List of Edinburgh Rugby Clubs

  • Edinburgh Eagles Rugby League (Men)
  • Herriot's (Men & Women)
  • Liberton Rugby Club (Men & Women)
  • Forrester Rugby Club (Men, Women & Youth)
  • Portabello RFC (Men & Youth)
  • Stewart Mellville (Men & Youth)


The Edinburgh Eagles (Rugby League) - Men

The Edinburgh Eagles are a rugby league team that was established in 1998. They are based at The Royal High School and are the current Scottish League Champions/ Cup holders.

They are a community-based club and are always welcoming new players and investors. If you'd wish to join the team, get in touch with them and head down on one of their training days.

The Eagles play their big matches in the summer, so the team is made up of professional union players, and international players who want to play while the union season is over.

There are also always volunteer opportunities, for a range of activities.

Find more about the team here:




Lasswade Rugby Club

Lasswade are one of the most well-known Rugby Clubs in Edinburgh and Scotland.  They are based just outside of Edinburgh in Bonnyrigg and is accessible via bus from Edinburgh town centre.

The club was established in 1921 and is particularly welcoming by all accounts. The club has multiple men's teams, a women team and the club has various family, and kids teams.

You can find more info and join: https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/lasswade


Lasswade Rugby Club

Herriot's - Men & Women

Heriot's Rugby club field a number of teams, including 2 amateur men's teams, a women's team, a super six team and a youth team.

Herriot's are a very well renowned team from Edinburgh and have a reputation for quality.

The club welcomes players of all experience levels; whether you're professional or not. It is encouraged that new players can join the training sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays, however, you should contact one of the coaching teams beforehand.

If you wish to volunteer then there are numerous opportunities to do that too.

This is where to find all of the information you may need to join the club: heriotsrugbyclub.co.uk


Photo taken from Herriot's Instagram page

Liberton Rugby Club

The Liberton Rugby Club was established 1963 and has both a Men's and Women's rugby team based from their ground in Liberton.

The club has a rich history and is one of the oldest Edinburgh Rugby Teams.

The club is inclusive, and welcoming to anybody who wishes to speak competition, friendship, comradery and family.

To join the team, you can head down to one of their training sessions however, you need to book your interest with the club before going. So, if you'd like to join send them a message and you'll get to learn more about the team, and joining.


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Forrester Rugby Club

The Forrester Rugby club is based in South Gyle, which is on the western outskirts of the city. They are a friendly and welcoming rugby club with a number of Rugby teams - in including youth and women's teams.

They currently have an 1XV team who currently play in the Tennants East League Division 1 and have rugby at all age groups.

Without being rude, their website isn't the best so if you'd like to join the team you can learn how my sending them a message on Facebook.


images (1)

Portabello RFC

Portabello used to be a small town on the coast outside of Edinburgh, but now the seaside town is well and truly part of the city.

Portabello RFC are based in Duddingston and have an adult team which welcomes all ages and abilities. They encourage social, senior, junior and family members to join the community.

The Portabello club website is currently down, bit you can find them on facebook here.

Screenshot 2022-08-15 at 16.20.06

Stewart Melville Rugby Club

Steward Melville Rugby Club is one of the most prestigious Edinburgh Rugby Teams and was founded way back in 1875 (It's current form being in 1973).

The club is based in the historic Inverleith - which was at one time the international ground for Scotland and one of the best playing facilities in Scotland.

The club runs two XVs on a regular basis, and both play in competitive national leagues.

The club welcomes all.

There doesn't seem to be clear way to join the club, but there is a list of contacts here.



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