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Rheal Superfoods – Our honest review of 3 blends from this popular health brand

Published by Finn Hayden

As people become more and more health-conscious, we've seen a number of health products explode in popularity. Green powder is an example of one such type of product, as it makes getting more nutrients into your diet really easy and convenient.

Rheal Superfoods is a brand that has really grown in popularity in recent years since the brand appeared on an episode of Dragons' Den (and came across very well), and we're not surprised that the brand has become so popular. As we mentioned in our guide to the best greens powders we've tried, using a product such as one of the Rheal Superfoods blends is a very convenient way to get more vitamins and minerals into your diet.

We've now tried 3 of the most popular green blends from Rheal Superfoods, so we feel well-placed to conduct a review of the brand. We'll be looking at what differentiates the Rheal Superfoods blends from other green powder blends, and also how good value for money the products are (in our opinion). Let's get into it:

What blends from Rheal Superfoods did we try?

There are currently 4 main blends that you can buy from Rheal Superfoods, and we've tried 3 of them - Clean Greens, Berry Beauty, and Balance Tonic. There is another blend called Gut Feel, but we haven't tried that one yet.

Let's look at each blend that we tried in closer detail:

3 Rheal Superfoods blends

Clean Greens

The Clean Greens blend from Rheal Superfood is really simple - you get 30 servings of a blend which contains Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Moringa, and Chlorella.

It's quite a simple blend compared to many of the other greens powders that we've tried. For example, the Udo's Choice greens powder contains almost everything you find in the Clean Greens blend from Rheal Superfoods, but you also get broccoli and kale. Also, you only get 150g in a tub of the Clean Greens from Rheal Superfoods and we paid about £21 for that tub, whereas you can buy a 255g bag of the Udo's Choice green blend for about the same price.

Clean Greens Rheal Superfoods

The Clean Greens blend is very high in Vitamin C but doesn't contain as much iron or fibre as the Udo's Choice green powder per 100g.

We were pleasantly surprised by the taste of the Clean Greens blend too - it's made without any artificial sweeteners, but it contains natural baobab and pineapple, and the taste of these ingredients really comes through.

Berry Beauty

We wouldn't describe the Clean Greens blend as horrible tasting, but the Berry Beauty blend tastes a lot nicer in our opinion - as the name suggests, it's made using

We found it a struggle to motivate ourselves to consume the Clean Greens blend, but we thought that the Berry Beauty blend tasted so good that we actually looked forward to mixing it with water and drinking it. It's made with Açai Berry, Blueberry, Cranberry & Maca Root, but we'd say that the cranberry flavour is what really comes through for us.

We were surprised to see that the Berry Beauty blend actually contains more fibre per 100g than the Clean Greens blend, so if you're looking to up your fibre intake then go for the Berry Beauty blend from Rheal Superfoods.

Berry Beauty Rheal Superfoods

It also contains Acerola Cherry which is really high in Vitamin C - in fact, one serving of the Berry Beauty blend has your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C.

Balance Tonic

We'd say of all the blends that we tried from Rheal Superfoods, we were most keen to try the Balance Topic blend because of all the interesting ingredients it contains. This includes KSM-66 Ashwagandha and Hibiscus. We'd also say that this was the second best tasting of the blends from Rheal Superfoods, and definitely wasn't a chore to drink every day. We were impressed that each serving of the Balance Tonic gives you 500mg of KSM-66 Ashwagandha, which is actually more than we found in many of the other Ashwagandha supplements we've looked at previously.

Balance Tonic Rheal Superfoods

The Balance Tonic blend is also made with blueberry powder, and that taste really comes through for us (which is delicious).

Anything else to mention?

It's worth noting that everything in all of the Rheal Superfoods blends that we tried are 100% organic, and they're also all free from gluten, sweeteners, dairy, and anything artificial. We'd say that the look and feel of the product is really high quality compared to other green powder blend products we've tried.

ingredients of Rheal Superfoods

Final thoughts

Overall we'd say that the 3 blends that we tried from Rheal Superfoods - Clean Greens, Berry Beauty, and Balance Tonic - are all great products, and if money was no object we'd probably subscribe. But for us, these blends are maybe a little too expensive compared to other green powders that we've tried.

What do you think of our guide? Have you tried Rheal Superfoods? Let us know in the comments!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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